5 ideas to trade smart and not spend money!

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Why pay for everything? Barter can in some cases avoid spending money. If today it is difficult to barter everything, even useless, we have listed 5 situations in which bartering is really the best solution and allows you not to spend money. Ready to trade?

You remember the expression: we exchange ? At school, children spend their time saying it, to exchange their marbles, their colored pencils, their toys …

And as an adult, when we start trading again, we quickly realize that we can exchange a lot of things. The problem is that bartering is no longer the norm, and to exchange today, it is difficult to find someone who has what you want and who accepts what you have … these 5 situations where you have to be blind so as not to see that everyone wins!

1. Tenants: Offer a Paint Lick in exchange for 1 Month’s Rent

Are you a tenant and want to give your apartment a new lease of life? A good way to save is to offer your landlord take care of the renovation work in exchange for one or more months’ rent.

It doesn’t have to be a pharaonic building site to tell your owner about it, a lick of paint in the living room or bedroom is more than enough. Besides, Sandrine explained it very well in her tip. Read here to find out more.

Difficult to refuse for the owner who will not have to take care of the work, who does not have to wait for the change of tenant to renovate the apartment and who can hope to keep you longer too.

2. Gardeners: Swap Apples for Pears

You have a vegetable garden and grow tomatoes, salads and squash. You can offer one of your neighbors (or more) to exchange a few tomatoes for a few apples.

The idea is to be able to continue to consume healthy products like yours without having to diversify your crops. For your neighbor, it is exactly the same advantage, enjoying your fresh fruits and vegetables without having to grow them.

Who says you can’t compare apples and pears?

And for Sunday growers, a little tip for growing vegetables for free to discover here.

3. Redeem Free Services

You speak English ? Do you want to learn DIY? Are you a physiotherapist? Do you want to learn how to make beauty masks? We all have diverse and varied skills: why not offer a cooking class for a gardening class?

There are 2 methods for this:

The traditional method : you can suggest to your neighbors, friends, relatives or acquaintances.

Method 2.0 : You use the websites of barter of services which are more and more fashionable and we put you in touch with people offering the services you are looking for. We also told you about a service exchange site in a previous article.

4. Trade in your Books and DVDs

Rather than going out and buying new books and storing your old books, throw away your last reading and grab a book you haven’t read yet. For DVDs, Video Games and CDs, it’s the same story!

Always 2 methods, the book clubs or websites. For book clubs, I let you find out, however, for internet sites I know a few on which you can easily swap your old books and old DVDs.

A very original site, which we really like and which we had already told you about is bookcrossing. Our editor Sandrine is also a real fan of bookcrossing and she tells you everything in her tip on this subject. To learn more about bookcrossing, read his tip here.

A barter site that looks more “conventional” is troczone (which we haven’t tested) where you can trade books, DVDs, Video Games, and CDs.

5. Exchange Professional Services between Businesses.

Are you self-employed? Self-employed or even in an SME, even a large company? Exchange business-to-business services.

Are you a caterer? Exchange a catering service for a website.

Are you a lawyer? Swap legal advice for a moving service.

You can even trade inventory for services. Are you a wine merchant? Swap a new logo from a design agency for a case of wine bottles.

Between companies, the possibilities of exchange are endless … Be careful though, these non-monetary transactions must be declared in sales value in your accounts. And yes, that would be too good …

To put you in touch with the wiktik site or the b2b site in trade.

And you, do you know of other situations in which barter allows you not to spend money? Tell us quickly in a little comment.

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