4 Effective Tips To Buy A Cheaper Car.

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January 12, 2019

Want to change your car without breaking the bank?

To buy a new car or a car less than thirteen months old, it is, in most cases, necessary to go to a dealer.

But don’t rush! Within a week, you can win or lose money.

If you want to save money, read our expert advice on how to pay less for your new or used car.

How to buy a new or used car for less

How to do

1. Time

By choosing the time at which you will arrive, you put all the chances in your side: the best time of the day is the last hour just before closing.

2. The day

Second tip: the day. Choose instead the middle of the week. Wednesday or Thursday people don’t go out to buy a lot and you have every chance of running into a salesperson who will do anything to save their day.

3. The week

Third tip: the best week to buy your car is the last of the month because it is at this moment that the salespeople make their balance sheet on objectives.

4. The month

Finally, fourth tip: the best month to buy your car is July or August because at this time half of the customers go on vacation.

Each time, you saw that we must intervene at the most hollow moment for the mechanic ;-).


And there you have it, you know how to buy your car by paying less 🙂

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