31 Genius Tips For Camping.

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Do you want to have a successful camping holiday this summer?

We too want you to have a great time!

So here are 31 tips that will ensure you are a happy camper this summer.

31 tips that you will adopt!

1. Use foam to enjoy a soft and comfortable tent floor

Comfortable tent floor

Do you want to know where we can buy it? Click here to buy this foam floor.

2. Hang a headlamp on a water container to illuminate the entire tent.

Just hang a headlamp on a water canister

Click here to read the tip.

3. Learn to recognize poisonous plants

Poisonous plants to avoid when camping

If you go camping in the United States, Canada or South America, do not touch these plants!

4. Bring a tick repellent

Tick ​​repellent with tea tree essential oil

Click here to read the tip.

5. Use Tic-Tac boxes to transport the spices

Use tick boxes to transport spices while camping

6. Invest in a sleeping bag for 2 people

Sleeping bag for 2 people

Here’s an ideal one for cold nights.

7. Cut a straw and fill the pieces with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste to make single-use sachets.

Single use antibiotic ointment sachets

Use a lighter to close the ends.

8. Make portable coffee bags with filters and dental floss

How to carry coffee while camping

Put a spoon of ground coffee in a coffee filter and close the bag with dental floss.

When you are ready to make your coffee, pretend you are using a tea bag 🙂

9. Make disposable soap sheets with soap and vegetable peeler

How to easily carry soap while camping

Did you know that you can also rub soap to relieve mosquito bites? Click here to see the tip.

10. Use a belt and hooks to hang pots and pans

A belt and hooks are great for hanging pots when camping

11. Make an easy-to-carry fire starter with a cardboard egg box

use a cardboard egg box to transport the charcoal

Directly light the carton when you are ready to start the fire.

12. Or use chips

Crisps work great for starting a fire if you don't have kindling

13. No marinade required for the meat. Put the rosemary directly on the charcoal

Put the rosemary directly on the charcoal

Once the charcoal is evenly gray, cover it with sprigs of fresh rosemary.

Your meat and vegetables will then be flavored with a taste of herbs.

14. Take packaged cheese and hard cheese with you

Take hard cheese when camping

Cantal, Gruyère and Parmesan will keep for at least 1 week without a refrigerator. The same goes for the Babybel.

15. Add sage stems to the campfire to keep mosquitoes away.

Use sage to repel mosquitoes

16. Instead of pasta, take polenta, quinoa or couscous to cook a meal quickly.


Polenta is very convenient, as it can be cooked into patties and pan-fried for a sweet or savory meal.

17. Make-up removal discs soaked in wax are an incredible trick to making lighters easily transportable.

Portable fire lighter for camping

18. Bring a microfiber cloth. They are very absorbent and light

Practical microfiber cloth for camping

You can find them here on the Internet.

19. Freeze cans of water and put them in your cooler

Cooler with frozen water cans for camping

This way, you keep your food cold and you will have plenty of water to drink for later.

In addition to bottled water, you can also freeze pasta sauces and juices.

20. Use bottle caps as fire starters

Cork stoppers are excellent fire starters

Check out the trick here.

21. Or these homemade fire lighters

Make a homemade fire starter with toilet paper and dryer filter lint

22. Use your smartphone and a bottle of water to create a subdued atmosphere in the tent

Use your phone light under a water bottle to make a lantern

23. Avoid nipping a plantar wart at the campsite with a towel

Towel in shower tray to prevent plantar warts

Just put a towel in the shower tray to protect your feet.

24. Forgot to take a spoon? Make one with a plastic bottle

make a spoon from a plastic bottle

25. Hang shower gel, shampoo and conditioner on a cord to have them handy while showering

Camping shower gel storage

26. Transport the eggs in a plastic bottle

Carry camping egg

Whisk the eggs ahead of time and put them in a plastic bottle. Much easier to transport, because you won’t risk breaking them.

And in addition, you save the transport of the bowl and the whisk.

27. Keep your toilet paper dry in a CD / DVD storage

Put toilet paper in a CD / DVD storage

28. Or remove the toilet paper roll to flatten it and save space in your backpack

How to carry camping toilet paper

Put it in a plastic bag.

29. Rub deodorant on the skin to relieve a mosquito bite

Rub deodorant on a mosquito bite to relieve it

30. Stick sandpaper on the lid of your matchbox

Put the matches in a box to keep them dry

Keep your matches in a Tupperware or stainless steel container to avoid getting them wet.

31. Kids can easily make an adorable bracelet with tape

Camping bracelet

They can glue things on them, such as small stones, flowers or leaves, and thus make a souvenir of their hike in nature.

Just make sure the sticky side is on the outside.

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