30 must-have things you should always have in the car.

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There are those who have absolutely nothing in the trunk of their car.

And there are those who have enough to survive 3 full weeks!

So, how do you choose between these 2 extremes?

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the 30 things every motorist should always have at hand.

What are the things you should always keep in your car, just in case?

Certainly you can still buy an emergency kit already everything commercially, like this one.

This type of emergency kit contains, among other things, jumper cables, a towing strap, a warning triangle, a high-visibility safety vest, a manual recharging torch, a pump, a whistle and an anti-ice squeegee.

But it is quite possible to do it yourself. Why ? Because you probably already have most of the things you need at home!

Without further ado, check out our list of the 30 essentials you should always have in your car. Look :

To repair the car

Here are the things to always keep in your car for your maintenance and repairs.

Nothing worse than puncturing on the side of the road and realizing the spare tire is flat, because it hasn’t been changed since the last puncture. (Yes, it has happened to me before!). To be fully prepared for any eventuality, here’s what to keep in your trunk:

• Spare wheel (in good condition), as well as a good jack and crank, because without those tools or a charitable soul to help you, the spare tire is useless. In case you forgot, here’s how to change a spare tire. Also, if your wheels are fitted with anti-theft bolts, make sure that the correct key is always in the car.

Tire sealant, which can plug a leak (and save you the trouble of using the tools above) and give you enough time to drive to the next mechanic.

Jumper cables, because even the best of us can end up with a dead battery. By the way, click here to learn how to start a car with a dead battery. But don’t forget to familiarize yourself with your car’s engine, in case it is a little different. You can also keep an emergency starter device, which will help you restart your battery on your own without having to rely on a good Samaritan for help.

• Operating instructions for the car, which is usually found in the glove box.

Manometer (pressure controller). As we explain in this article, checking the tire pressure regularly can help you improve the handling of the vehicle. It also serves to save fuel, improve the life of your tires and can even save lives.

WD-40 multi-function, penetrating adhesive tape.

• Car repair history. In your glove box, always keep a business card from your mechanic, the telephone number of your assistance and your insurer, the insurance certificate and an amicable report.

For your safety

Here are the things you should always keep in your car for your safety and survival.

Maybe you already have a survival kit in your house. If you spend a lot of time in your car and park it near you, then you can simply keep this kit in your trunk. Otherwise, you can also prepare a 2nd survival kit, a little lighter and specifically dedicated to your car. Either way, here’s what to keep in your car to be ready for an emergency:

First aid kit.

Flash light.

Multi-function tool.

Matches or other utensil to start a fire. Also keep a candle in a box, in case of emergency during very cold weather.

Energy snacks or survival rations (freeze-dried meals).

Bottles of water.

Autonomous radio with solar panel or crank.

Emergency hammer tool for breaking windows and cutting seat belts in an emergency. Keep handy in your glove box and not in the trunk, of course. Also remember to watch the tutorial on breaking a window without a hammer.

Light sticks and warning triangle (must have), so you don’t get hit at night on the side of the road.

Road maps. Yes, the old-fashioned paper ones! Or if not, consider uploading the maps to Google Maps so that you can access them even without a network. Here’s how to do it here.

For the winter and the cold

Here are the things to always keep in your car during cold weather.

• Anti-frost raclette.

• Survival blanket, to stay warm in the event of a storm.

Cardboard or carpet fall, to put under the tires if your car slips in the snow, as we explain in this article.

To discover : 25 Essential Tips For Your Car In Winter.

For your comfort and well-being

Here are the things that should always be kept in your car for your well-being and comfort.

In addition to all of these basic essentials, you can also keep the following things in your car:

• Homemade paper towels or cleaning wipes.

• Tissues or rolls of toilet paper.

Pen and paper.

• Umbrella.

Cash, in case of emergency.

• Home-made shopping bags, in the event of an unexpected visit to the supermarket.

Cover to lay on the floor to warm up in an emergency, but also to go to the park, to a soccer match, or any other outdoor activity.

Spare clothes, because they can also be very useful in an emergency. Indeed, if you weather a rain or snowstorm, it is better to wait for help in dry clothes.

• Solar charger with USB ports to charge your phone.

• Inflatable mattress for sleeping in the back of the car (one of the cool things to have if you have to improvise a night in the car!).


What are the things you should always keep in your car, just in case?

There you go, now you know what are the things you should always keep in the car 🙂

Of course, our list of essential accessories is not exhaustive, and you can adapt it according to your needs.

Some would say that it’s a bit too much to keep in your car all the time …

But believe me, all of these things take up a lot less space than you might think and come in handy if something goes wrong!

Your turn…

And you, do you know any other essential things to keep in your car? Share them in the comments with our community. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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