3 Unusual Ideas for an Extraordinary New Year!

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Tired of always doing the same thing on the night of December 31st?

Well, this year it’s decided, we innovate.

I have unearthed 3 unusual ideas for you to spend a truly extraordinary New Year!

We always try to find an innovative idea for the evening of December 31, then we end up going back to this famous restaurant that we know by heart or, even worse, we accept any invitation so as not to find ourselves alone.

But this year, finished the galley ! I made it my mission to find for you 3 original ideas for a memorable new year.

1. Go on an adventure!

When you always have to plan everything, it quickly becomes boring, so this year we do not prepare anything and we go to a destination unknown. You follow me ?

In the car with some friends who are dear to me, I program my GPS on a new destination that I do not know yet and let’s go.

Of course, I don’t forget to put on some good music in the car so that the atmosphere is there.

Any place can be a pretext for enjoy, a forest for example if you like mystical atmospheres. And why not have a good game of snowballs? Laughs guaranteed!

2. Dare to disguise

To transform a banal New Year’s Eve into a unique event, nothing like a theme party with disguises.

Don’t hold back, go all out, organize small games, riddles, a musical quiz around the theme you have decided to honor.

For a successful evening, where everyone will play the game, the choice of theme is important and, above all, envy that we give to the guests. After several failures, I found unstoppable solutions!

First of all I do not hesitate to create a Facebook page of my New Year’s Eve, accessible to my guests. Last year I had chosen the theme of Musical comedies, and my page was covered with photos of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease, among others.

Then I organize the competition of best disguise. I choose two or three friends who organize the evening with me, and we form an impartial jury! At stake for the winner (s), a bottle of Champagne or a good box of chocolates!

3. Give time to an association

You don’t like to party too much? So as not to be alone on the evening of December 31, why not help an association?

Associations are always looking for volunteers to keep company to those in need on New Years Eve.

If you want to participate in this type of operation, go to the volunteer space site to find the New Year’s Eve that tempts you the most.

And you, what did you plan to do on December 31? Tell us about your best New Years Eve party in the comments.

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