3 Good Deals To Go On Cheap Holidays.

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Do you want to go on vacation?

Awesome ! But the holidays should not be an excuse to deprive yourself all year round.

There are solutions to go on vacation while saving money.

Traveling without breaking the bank is possible!

tips to reduce the cost of vacations

1. Reduce the price of airline tickets

Finding out before you go is a first step: find the right sites, or forums where the best vacation plans are exchanged, to get an idea of ​​what you are going to find.

Also try to book your plane ticket at the best time to pay less.

Many sites also offer to compare prices according to departure dates.

Sometimes, postponing your vacation by one or two days is really worth it!

2. Exchange your house or apartment

Are you an owner?

So the exchange of apartment or house will allow you to live for a given time in another city, another country, without spending a penny.

3. Limit the cost of accommodation and meals

Think of exchanges of another type: a bed for a daily job, or a meal at the inhabitant for a service rendered, a room to rent with the inhabitant …

To save on vacation, it is best to keep accommodation costs as low as possible.

Couchsurfing for example allows its followers to sleep on the sofa of a member of this international community.

Savings are also made in the meal budget: in exchange for a work of a few hours a day, Woofing enthusiasts find the table, and even the lodging in one of the organic farms around the world.


And there you have it, you’re off for a really cheap vacation 🙂

By using these tips, you will go on vacation and save money.

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