26 Awesome Camping Tips I Wish I Had Known Sooner!

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Hiking and camping doesn’t cost a lot.

Normal, hiking is free!

But to go camping, you still need equipment, so it’s a little less economical.

Tents, lamps, water bottles, sleeping bag …

Fortunately, there are camping tips and tricks that can save you a lot of money when you know them.

So, without further ado, here is 26 great camping tips I wish I had known sooner. Look :

26 tips for camping.

1. Use simple water pump pliers as a pot handle.

2. Did you break a shoe lace? Your tent rope does the job perfectly to replace a broken lace.

3. Inflate a large zippered freezer bag with air and use it as a pillow.

4. Pee in a plastic bottle when it’s too cold. This will prevent you from having to walk too far in the cold. Just place the bottle just outside the flap of your tent.

5. Always take a few small pieces of wood cut into 5 cm squares. That way, you can use them as chocks to level the platform, tent, and your cot.

6. Use an old shower curtain as the groundsheet for your tent.

7. No need to buy survival matches. To waterproof your matches, dip them in nail polish.

8. To make matches waterproof, you can also soak them in melted paraffin.

9. To make your own fire starters, take cardboard cups, fill them with sawdust, and pour melted paraffin over them.

10. To hang your camping light from a tree branch, hook a hanger bent into an S-shape and a short length of chain.

11. Use aspirin tubes to keep your batteries dry.

12. Aspirin or vitamin tubes are also great for keeping matches dry.

13. If you have them, photo wrap boxes make perfect containers for storing and keeping dry all your small items!

14. To prevent your cardboard plate from bending under the weight of the food, put it inside a Frisbee (or just use a Frisbee directly as a plate).

15. Dryer residue is flammable, and can be used to make fire starters. Find out how to do it here.

16. To keep your water fresh even longer, wrap your camping water bottle in foil.

17. When you get up camp, pack wet items like your toothbrush, washcloth, soap, etc. in aluminum foil, to avoid wetting the rest of your material.

18. Sometimes a flashlight accidentally turns on while hiking. To avoid wearing out your batteries unnecessarily when you are not using your flashlight, the trick is to put them upside down in the flashlight.

19. To prevent blisters on the feet, rub the inside of your socks with a little soap, especially on the heel and under the toes. Keep a piece of soap handy during your hikes, and use it when you feel the skin in the risk areas become more elastic (big toe, front of the ball of the foot and heel).

20. To keep mosquitoes away, rub your face, arms, and legs with the inner side of an orange peel.

21. To protect your hooks from rust and prevent the line from tangling, wrap your fishing rod in foil. And by covering the inside of your tackle box compartments with aluminum foil, you can also protect your lures and other fishing gear from rusting.

22. To eliminate the musty smell in your gourd, just pour 3 teaspoons of baking soda and add a little water. Stir, leave on for 1 hour then rinse with clean water. Check out the trick here.

23. Cut the bottom of a large, empty plastic bottle to make a small camping bowl. To avoid a cut, also remember to sand the edge of the bowl on a stone.

24. Stop throwing away paper towel and toilet paper boxes. Fill them with paper to make excellent fire starters.

25. When camping, use large zip lock freezer bags to mix your food. Make sure the zip is tightly closed, and you can mix and shake your food, or even knead a dough, without getting it all over the place.

26. The multi-purpose adhesive tape can almost all repair in no time at all, whether camping or hiking. For example, use it to mend a tent, repair a pole, patch a torn shoe, secure a mosquito net, etc. Find out here everything you can repair with duct tape.

26 tips for camping: a tent at night under a full moon.

Your turn…

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