25 Super Tips To Make The Most Of Your Days At The Beach.

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Going to the beach with the family can sometimes be quite an organization.

We always wonder if we have everything we need and if we haven’t forgotten anything …

And we want the children to have fun in complete safety …

Fortunately, there are plenty of great tips and tricks to make the most of your beach days.

Here is 25 beach tips and tricks everyone should know. Look :

25 tips and tricks for your days at the beach

1. Get a sun tattoo

how to get a sun tattoo

For a little fun, use your body as an artistic canvas. To do this, draw a shape with sunscreen or by pasting a temporary tattoo and expose yourself to the sun. After a while, remove everything and discover the beautiful pattern remained white on a well tanned skin.

2. Make this natural spray with sea salt to have “beach effect” hair.

sea ​​salt spray for natural hair curling

Hair after the holidays has beautiful golden highlights and often a nice ripple. To easily recreate this effect at home, here is the recipe. Fill a spray bottle halfway with water, then add the same amount of curling gel. Shake well and add a handful of sea salt. Shake again to dissolve it. Spray the mixture on damp or dry hair. Then crumple the ends to form the curls.

3. Use aloe vera ice cubes to treat your sunburn

freeze aloe vera to relieve sunburn

Nothing like aloe vera in case of sunburn. Spend an aloe vera ice cube to calm the sun in the blink of an eye. To do this, squeeze the pulp of an aloe leaf in an ice cube tray and then freeze. You just have to use a small block of aloe in case of sunburn.

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4. Use talcum powder to easily remove sand from feet

remove sand with talcum powder

Nothing could be more annoying than putting on your shoes with feet full of sand or unpacking the picnic with your hands covered in sand! To prevent this, pour talcum powder into your hands and then rub your hands as you would with soap and water. And that’s all. It is really easy and efficient. Do the same for your feet, legs, arms, or anywhere you don’t want the sand to stick. Talcum powder is a must have in the beach bag! It also works to remove sand from baby. Check out the trick here.

5. Use an inflatable pool as a children’s play park

a paddling pool on the beach with an inflatable pool

Fill an inflatable pool with water or leave it empty and put toys in it. Sitting here, the children will play quietly by your side.

6. Sun-dried lips? Use this homemade balm

100% natural lip balm recipe

With the sun, the lips tend to dry out quickly and become ragged. To combat this not very glamorous effect, here is an all-natural lip balm recipe to make yourself. Check out the trick here.

7. Use a paper tray to prevent children’s ice cream from spilling.

tip so that melting ice cream does not run on your fingers

Do your children tend to put more ice on their hands than in their mouths? Here is a tip you will love! Pierce a small paper cupcake mold and slide it along the stick. If the ice melts, it will fall in the paper and not on the hands.

8. Have a game of bowling right on the sand

easy to play on the beach

Here’s a great idea to keep the whole family busy on the beach. Dig 3 holes of different diameter on the beach. Then take 2 tennis balls each and throw them successively. The smaller the hole, the more points it will earn. The goal is obviously to make the greatest number of points. Kids will love this game!

9. Add pockets in the beach towel to easily store your things

beach towel with pockets

Need a little storage in your beach gear? Simply sew pockets on your towel by following this tutorial.

10. Use shoe racks to keep your car tidy

how to organize car trunk

It’s not easy to keep your car tidy when you go on vacation with the children! Fortunately, you can use shoe racks like these as well as a trunk organizer.

11. Use homemade ice packs to keep your drinks cold

frozen balloons to fill the cooler

No need to buy ice packs for your cooler – you can make them yourself. How? ‘Or’ What ? By filling balloons with water and freezing them! In addition, your children can have a water fight once the ice has melted. Check out the trick here.

12. Make a homemade lemon granita (only for adults)

how to make a homemade lemon granita

You will love this refreshing beach drink recipe! In a large pitcher, put 2 liters of water, 200 ml of agave juice, the juice of 4 or 5 fresh lemons and 250 ml of vodka. Then, pour this mixture into about ten small freezer bags, add 1 or 2 slices of lemons and close the zip to put in the freezer for about 1 hour. Thanks to the vodka, the ice cream will not set completely, and you will have a very refreshing lemon granita. Serve with a straw in each bag.

13. Prepare a first aid kit for the beach

what to put in a first aid kit

In a transparent plastic box, put bandages, Compeed for blisters, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic spray, physiological saline for the eyes, tweezers for splinters, a pair of scissors, sunscreen , lip balm, personal medicines (allergy, asthma …), compresses, cotton, talc, a hand sanitizer, baking soda against bites, a strip of fabric for a tourniquet or a scarf in case of broken arm, lemongrass and some wrapped sugars. There you go, you are ready to deal with all the little beach injuries.

14. Make a hole in the sand to make a baby cradle on the beach

a cradle dug in the sand

Dig a hole in the sand and put a towel over it. You can put Baby in it, he will be well positioned to take his nap in the shade under the parasol.

15. Take a healthy and refreshing snack on the beach for afternoon tea

a compartmentalized box for different snacks

In a box with compartments, prepare pieces of seasonal fruit and vegetables to eat raw for tasting. It’s super refreshing when it’s hot and allows the whole family to eat fruits and vegetables, even on vacation.

16. Recycle your old kitchen utensils into beach toys

kitchen utensils for playing in the sand

No need to buy specific toys for the beach, recycle old-fashioned or no-use kitchen utensils. For buckets, consider recycling those that contain cottage cheese, for example.

17. Hide your money in a tube of lip balm

a mini wallet for the beach

Don’t know where to put your money on the beach? Use a simple, empty, very light and discreet tube of lip balm in your bag. Perfect to go for a quiet swim without being afraid of having your wallet stolen!

18. Make a floating keychain with a cork stopper

key ring made with cork stopper

In a cork, push a screw hook, then hang a key ring on it. That’s it ! Your keys will float even if they fall in water. Ideal for going to the beach and for those who go boating.

19. Use a waterproof cover to avoid getting your phone wet.

waterproof case to protect the smartphone at the beach

So that your electronic devices do not take up water or sand, consider putting them in a waterproof cover. Find the size that will fit your smartphone, iPad or even your camera.

20. Make a temporary tattoo for your children to find them if they get lost

write your number on the arms of children on the beach

Here’s a tip for kids who tend to run around the beach and get lost. If your child gets lost, rescuers can easily contact you with this temporary tattoo. Also ideal for busy holidays. Find out how to get this tattoo here. You can also make a bracelet with your phone number like this one.

21. Make a small pool in the sand with a simple shower curtain

sand pool with shower curtain

Just dig a hole in the sand and then line the inside with a budget shower curtain like this one. Perfect for supervising children and avoiding the waves!

22. Use a mesh bag to carry toys and avoid bringing sand home

mesh beach bag to let the sand through

The advantage of this mesh bag is that it lets the sand through when you come back from the beach. You won’t be carrying it everywhere.

23. Use a felt-tip pen to write down the time you put on sunscreen

note the hours of sunscreen application

Bring special pencils to write the hours of sunscreen application on the bottle. Perfect for preventing sunburn for the whole family. And to make your own 100% natural homemade sunscreen, check out the recipe here.

24. Children will love this magical sand to play at home or at the beach

construction with magic sand

Back from vacation and nostalgic for the sand? Offer this magic sand to your children in which they will be able to sculpt whatever they want, create objects or even paste seashells …

25. Bring home seashells to paint with the children.

paint seashells children

Bring back seashells and let the kids express their creativity by painting them with beautiful colors, glitter or stickers. They’ll love the result and it’s a great way to keep them occupied.

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips for going to the beach with peace of mind? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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