23 SIMPLE Tips to Make Your Car CLEANER Than Ever.

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Want to have a nice clean car like on the 1st day?

The problem is that it’s not easy to keep a car in perfect condition for very long …

Between the insects crushed on the body, the stains on the interior fabrics and the rims cracra, we do not know where to turn!

Fortunately, we have selected for you 23 tips for having a cleaner car than ever.

Don’t worry, it’s simple! Look :

23 simple and effective tips for having a clean car

Here are all of the best interior cleaning tips for your car.

1. Use a foam brush to easily remove dust between the air vents

Tip for cleaning your car: Use a foam brush to remove dust from the air vents.

You can easily find a cheap foam brush at hobby shops like this one.

2. When you pass the brush, use the vacuum cleaner at the same time to avoid getting dust all over.

To prevent dust from settling everywhere, put your vacuum cleaner next to the foam brush when cleaning your car.

3. The “vacuum cleaner + brush” technique also works to clean all the buttons and dials in your interior.

4. Remove and replace the cabin air filter to eliminate bad odors.

To remove bad odors from the interior of your car, remove and change the cabin air filter.

First check your car’s owner’s manual to see if the cabin air filter is removable. Here’s how to do it for a Peugeot 307.

5. Remove all the rubbish and dirt hiding in the corners

Slide your seats forward and remove the floor mats to thoroughly clean all the gunk that lurks around nooks and crannies.

Slide all your seats all the way forward and remove all the floor mats, so nothing escapes you. Use a plastic bag to collect any small garbage lying around as you clean.

6. Use magic eraser to remove cracra stuff that sticks to vinyl and leather

Remove stains encrusted on leather and vinyl with a magic eraser.

With a magic eraser like this, rub delicately encrusted dirt. Do not rub too hard, as you can damage the upholstery of your seats.

7. If the dirt is well embedded in the vinyl, use a toothbrush for a thorough cleaning.

To clean stubborn stains in vinyl, use a toothbrush and soapy water.

A little washing-up liquid or black soap diluted in water works very well. Click here to discover many other uses of black soap.

8. Use olive oil to maintain and polish the leather of your dashboard easily.

To maintain and shine the leather of the dashboard, the car cleaning trick is to use olive oil.

9. Easily remove all animal hair from fabrics with a spray bottle filled with water and a squeegee

Use a squeegee to remove animal hair from your car's interior fabrics

It’s exactly the same principle as in this trick to remove animal hair from your carpet. After using the squeegee, use a vacuum to remove any clumps of hair.

10. Use a toothbrush to remove crumbs and other grime that is lying in the seat seams.

To remove the dirt that trails deep in the seams of your car's seats, use a toothbrush.

Once the seams are cleaned, vacuum.

11. Use paper towel and an iron to remove makeup pencil stains from your interior fabrics.

With a paper towel and an iron, you can remove melted wax stains from your car.

Click here to discover our tutorial on removing wax or makeup pencil stains. Be aware that this trick works on almost all types of fabric.

12. For stains on your car seats, use multi-purpose cleaner diluted in water, a sponge (or scrub brush) and a washcloth.

Car Cleaning: Here's how to clean your car seats with multi-purpose cleaner and a sponge.

A little bit of elbow grease and your car seats will be like new! Just be sure to use white washcloths, as the colored ones may rub off on the fabric of your seats. Click here to follow our detailed step by step tutorial. For a great recipe for multi-purpose dishwashing liquid and baking soda, click here.

13. Spray the floor mats with stain remover and wash them easily in your washing machine.

To easily wash your car floor mats, spray some stain remover on them and put them in the washing machine.

Too easy to remove stains with this trick! Stains on your floor mats can be removed on their own. Click here to see the powerful and super effective stain remover homemade recipe.

14. Does the child seat need a good cleaning? Use a lint roller, scrub brush, toothbrush, dish soap, steam cleaner and baking soda to clean it

How to thoroughly clean a baby seat or child car seat?

Okay, this might not be the easiest method, but we don’t mess with the hygiene of the little ones! Click here to discover the detailed tutorial.

15. Once everything’s clean inside, keep the good smell fresh with this baking soda air freshener.

How do I deodorize the car and keep it smelling fresh?

Click here for the recipe for homemade air freshener that you can also use in the car.

Here are all of the best tips for cleaning the exterior of your car.

16. Use bicarbonate water to keep your windshield cleaner longer

A great tip for cleaning your windshield is to use bicarbonate of water.

Click here to find out the trick.

17. Use household alcohol on your windshield wipers to prevent them from leaving marks on your windshield.

18. Remove squashed bugs from your grille and bumper with dryer fabric softener sails

How to clean insect marks from your car's bumper and grille?

It’s very simple. Just soak a dryer fabric softener in hot water and rub the stains with it.

19. For a really dirty bumper, use Coca-Cola to strip it.

How to clean the bumper of your car with Coca-Cola?

Click here to find out the trick.

20. Make tarnished headlights shine with toothpaste and water

To make your car's dull headlights shine, use toothpaste.

Click here to find out the trick.

21. Do not forget to lower the windows BEFORE cleaning them to remove the dirt hidden on the top.

Roll down the windows of your cars before cleaning them because traces of dirt often hide on the top of the car windows.

Yes, because there are also traces of dirt on the top of the windows! Click here for a homemade glass cleaner recipe that leaves NO traces.

22. Polish the rims of your car with a soft cloth and white vinegar

To clean the rims and chrome of your car without toxic product, use white vinegar and a soft cloth.

Click here to discover the trick WITHOUT using toxic products.

23. After cleaning your car, use cleaning clay to remove traces that water does not remove.

To remove stubborn traces of dirt from your car's body and windshield, use cleaning clay.

Cleaning clay is the most effective at gently removing tree resin, tar, rust, industrial dust and other stubborn dirt from your car’s body and windshield. Use a cleansing clay like this.

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