21 Camping Tips Only Old Campers Know.

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By dint of camping every year, we tend to find very practical tips.

Tips that we use without even realizing it.

Let me be clear, these tips are unlikely to save your life.

But they can certainly help you win time and to impress your friends around the campfire!

Discover the 21 tips that only old campers know:

1. Warm up your feet with a Nalgene bottle filled with hot water

How to warm up my feet when camping?

Some people are born with cold feet! If you too have cold feet, use your Nalgene bottle as a hot water bottle. It’s simple: fill it with hot water and put it in the bottom of your sleeping bag before bed.

2. Attach a headlamp to your bottle to create mood light

How do you create mood lighting when you are camping?

After the sun sets, recycle any clear bottle as mood light. Just attach your headlamp to the inside of the bottle. It illuminates so well that no one will want to tell scary stories!

3. Warm up your feet with your change of clothes

How to warm up my feet when camping?

If sleeping with a hot water bottle on your feet isn’t really your thing, then use your spare clothes. Dry clothes absorb moisture from your sleeping bag and keep your feet warm.

4. Put a garbage bag inside your backpack to keep your things dry.

Is there a trick to keeping things dry when camping?

It’s silly, but you had to think about it! Put a simple garbage bag inside your backpack. Your backpack now has a waterproof coating and you can be sure that your clothes will always be dry.

5. Keep a clean pair of socks for sleeping.

What are sacred socks?

Keep a clean, dry pair of socks that you always keep in your sleeping bag ONLY for sleeping. You will see, this is truly one of the most beautiful things you can have after a long day of hiking!

6. Use the silica bags to protect your metal accessories from rust

Did you know that silica sachets are effective rust inhibitors?

Never throw away small sachets of silica again. Inserted into your metal camping accessories, they protect them from rust. This will prevent your friends from nicknamed you “Dédé La Rouille”.

7. Hide a sweet gift in your car for your return trip

Why do you have to hide snacks in your car when you go camping?

Before you go camping, hide your favorite snack in your car. Give yourself this little gift, in anticipation of the end of your weekend outdoors. After a good hike, bug bites and a great need for a good hot shower, this sweet gift should give you the potato back. It could be chocolate chip cookies or puffed rice cakes, if that’s your thing 🙂

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8. Use the storage bag in your sleeping bag as a pillow

How to make an extra pillow when camping?

Why bother with a pillow? Save plenty of space by filling your sleeping bag storage bag with clothes. You’ll see: it makes a perfectly cozy pillow.

9. Dry your wet shoes quickly with a dry t-shirt.

How to quickly dry wet shoes when camping?

Are your shoes literally wet? Not even afraid with this trick. Remove the insoles and stuff your shoes with a dry t-shirt or newspaper before going to bed. Your shoes will be perfectly dry in no time.

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10. Use a frisbee as a plate

Did you know that a Frisbee is also a perfect plate when camping?

When camping, all food tastes better. But if you also use a Frisbee as a plate, the meal becomes downright unforgettable. Now you can forget about the plates on purpose! A genius thing 🙂

11. Light the fire with a disinfectant hand gel…

Did you know that hydro-alcoholic gel is an effective fire starter?

Yes, yes, I assure you. The hydro-alcoholic gel can really light your campfire in no time.

12.… or with the residue from your dryer

How to recycle the residue from the dryer?

We finally found a use for your dryer residue. Put some in your backpack: it is an extremely efficient fire starter. Unless you want to save it for something more important?

13.… or even with old birthday candles

Looking for a use for old birthday candles lying around in the back of the drawer?

Do you know the magic candles, those birthday candles that are impossible to put out? Well, imagine they are the perfect fire starter when camping. Because they are all weather resistant, you can use these candles as matches to start your campfire.

14. Use the clasps of bread packages as clothespins

Did you know that bread pack clasps can double as a clothespin?

Keep plastic clasps from camping bread packs. They’re a perfect replacement for clothespins when drying your stuff – except these clasps are lighter and take up even less space in your backpack!

15. Use a rock to replace a torn eyelet on your tarp.

What to do when your tarp has a torn eyelet?

Did you tear an eyelet from your plastic sheeting? Do not panic. Wrap a pebble in the same corner with string. Now you can securely attach the tarp. And as a sign of recognition, give your stone a cool name, like Bob or Balthazar.

16. Use wax to prevent zippers from getting stuck

How do you keep the zippers slippery when camping?

To keep the zippers on your tent slippery, rub them with a small piece of candle.

17. Use straws to store your spices

How to store spices in a straw when camping?

Fill small bits of straw with your favorite spices. Then use a flame to seal each end of the straw. A real pro tip for preparing little cordon bleu meals when you are camping.

18. Add some fluff to your sleeping bag with a few tennis balls

How to store the down in your sleeping bag?

If you tumble dry your sleeping bag, don’t forget to add a few tennis balls to give it some loft.

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19. Use rice to dry a phone that has taken water

What if you have had your phone in the water when you are camping?

Did your iPhone take a dip in the river? Here is a gesture that could save him. Put it in a bag of rice, for example the one your vegetarian friend has in his backpack. Let the rice absorb moisture for 2 days – it will dry out your smartphone.

20. Attach a GoPro to a piece of wood to take a selfie

How to take a selfie stick when camping?

Want to see life from a stick’s point of view? So, attach your GoPro camera to the end of a stick. You now have a free and 100% natural selfie stick 🙂

21. Use your hiking poles to make a tripod

How to make a tripod easily when camping?

You can also easily make a tripod with your hiking poles and the wooden stick that you used as your selfie stick.

Your turn…

21 tips from old campers

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