20 Great Beach Tips to Make the Most of the Vacation!

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I don’t know about you, but I love the beach!

You too are planning to move from beautiful sunny days with your family?

So you know that days at the beach can get complicated quickly if you aren’t prepared.

You have to know how to watch your little cabbages, keep everyone well refreshed and refreshed and above all, manage this damn sand!

What are the best tips for the beach?

Fortunately, there are plenty of great ideas to make your days at the beach even better. more pleasant.

We have selected for you 21 ingenious tips to make the most of the beach that all parents should know! Look :

1. Make a sponge collar

A collar with sponges can keep kids cool at the beach.

Make a terrycloth necklace for each member of the family. Once wet, it will keep you cool when you are not in the water. The kids will love it!

2. Freeze water bottles …

Frozen water bottles are a great substitute for ice packs.

Freeze your water bottles instead of bringing ice packs to keep the cold longer in your cooler. In addition to keeping your beach snacks cool, you can drink super cool water for hours.

3. … or freeze water balloons

Simple latex balloons can also be used to replace ice packs.

Freeze a few latex balloons filled with water and put them in your cooler to keep it cold longer. This trick has another advantage: once the ice has completely melted, you can have a water bomb battle! 🙂

4. Recycle a plastic box to store your smartphone and keys

How to protect your smartphone and keys from water when you are at the beach?

Give a second life to a plastic food box. These boxes are perfect for protect your smartphone sand and water.

5. Prepare your own kit to build beautiful sandcastles

How to make a homemade kit to build great sand castles?

Recycle old objects that clutter your drawers, into tools for build sandcastles. With paint spatulas, a few brushes, plastic measuring cups and small flags, your children will be able to build the most beautiful fortress on the beach.

6. Prepare cocktails in freezer bags

How to drink cocktails at the beach?

Pour your favorite cocktails in a freezer bag. Then put the bags in the freezer and use them as ice packs for keep your cooler cold. At aperitif time, the cocktails will have melted and will be at the ideal temperature to toast! And of course, also remember to prepare some alcohol-free bags for your children.

7. Also bring some frozen Capri-Sun

Kids love frozen Capri-Sun pouches.

Once melted, the pockets of Capri-Sun have the delicious texture of a smoothie: a refreshing break that your children go love.

8. Protect your drink from insects with a muffin pan

How to protect drinks from insects?

A genius use for your muffin tins. Check out the trick here.

9. Recycle a paddling pool in a baby park …

How to watch babies and children at the beach?

Here’s a nifty little trick: recycle a paddling pool into a secure space for your infants and babies!

10. … or make a homemade paddling pool with a simple shower curtain

Shower curtains make for great pools and wading pools at the beach.

Just dig a hole in the sand, then line the inside with an inexpensive shower curtain like this one.

Warning : we will take great care to leave with the shower curtain and not to let it hang out on the beach!

11. No playpen? Use a fitted sheet!

You can make a safe play area with a simple fitted sheet.

To create a secure play area, arrange your bags, your cooler, and other bulky items at the 4 corners of a fitted sheet. And There you go !

12. Put up a bohemian tent to protect you from the sun

Protect yourself from the sun at the beach with a bohemian tent.

Because there is nothing like reading a good book in the shade! 🙂 Find out how to do it here.

13. Stash your money in a necklace bottle

Where to hide your money on the beach?

Recycled into a necklace, a bottle is the perfect place to protect your money from thieves and keep it dry.

14. Dig a hole in the sand for Baby

How to make a bassinet at the beach so that your baby sleeps well?

Make a hole in the sand and cover it with a terry towel. And there you have it, in just 2 minutes, your baby has a cozy and quiet corner to take a nap!

15. Bring molding plaster to immortalize children’s prints

Make prints of your children's feet and hands at the beach with casting plaster.

With a little molding plaster, your children can come home with this unusual memory : a plaster cast of their hand and foot prints. You will find casting plaster here. And follow the tutorial here.

16. Use talcum powder to easily remove wet sand

What's the best trick for removing wet sand?

No more headaches to remove wet sand at the end of the day! Baby powder is super effective, but don’t ask me why it works! Check out the trick here.

17. Use a laundry basket to transport the toys

A laundry basket is the perfect solution for storing toys at the beach.

A mesh laundry basket (like this one) is THE perfect storage for the beach! Thanks to the mesh fabric of these baskets, the sand falls through the holes and stays in its place: to the beach. With this little thing, no more sand you bring in the car and the house.

18. Here’s how to turn a sheet into a super beach blanket

How to make a homemade beach blanket?

A sheet, a few tent poles to stretch it well and 4 stitches for the eyelets: and voila! You have the BEST beach blanket all time ! This homemade blanket does not blow away at the first gust of wind, it dries up Great quickly and in addition, she is easy to take away with you.

19. Freeze aloe vera for sunburn relief

How to relieve sunburn with Aloe vera?

Aloe vera is one of the most effective natural remedies for sunburn relief. Cut pieces of aloe vera and put them in an ice cube tray in the freezer. Handy if you get sunburnt coming back from the beach. In any case, don’t forget to put on sunscreen to protect your skin!

To discover : 40 Uses of Aloe Vera That Will Amaze You!

20. Bring a marker to write the hours of application on the sunscreen

What's the trick to putting on sunscreen regularly?

Use a felt tip pen to mark the precise time of each application of sunscreen on the bottle. A little tip to remember if you want avoid sunburn !

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