20 Essential Tips and Tricks For Camping.

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Do you like camping?

In my family, we adore to go camping !

Since my childhood, I often go backpacking to go on long hikes with the whole family.

I have always loved the great outdoors and nights under the stars!

Every spring and summer, my husband and I expect only one thing: it’s camping with our children and sharing unforgettable moments.

Do you know the tips and tricks that make life easier for those who go camping?

Therefore, I am always looking for new tips and ingenious tips to make our camping trips easier.

Here are 20 great tried and true ideas that will help you on your next family camping trip:

1. A home-made hand washing station

Did you know that you can recycle your isothermal fountain into a hand washing station?

Recycle a container of water into a hand washing station.

2. Stake candles to light up your nights

To make light, use candles with stakes.

3. A headlamp on a can to light up the tent

Did you know that a headlamp attached to a plastic bottle produces a lot more light?

To discover : How to get good lighting in a tent with a water canister.

4. Spices easily transportable in Tic Tac boxes

Use the Tic Tac boxes as light and easily transportable spice boxes.

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5. A portable homemade shower

Hang your isothermal fountain and attach a sprinkler head: you have a shower!

Attach a spray head to a water can to turn it into a portable shower.

6. A shoe rack transformed into storage for the kitchen

With a simple shoe storage hanging shelf, you can organize and sort your things.

If you are looking for a shoe rack, we recommend this one.

7. Store and keep your toilet paper dry

Did you know that an old coffee tin is perfect for storing your toilet paper?

8. Store your accessories in a wall-mounted shoe rack

Did you know that a simple wall mounted shoe rack can help you stay organized when camping?

If you are looking for a wall mounted shoe rack, we recommend this one.

9. Make a homemade air conditioner for the tent

Attach a fan and a pipe to a plastic box to make an air conditioner!

Recycle a plastic box and a fan into a portable air conditioner.

10. Homemade fire starters in toilet paper rolls and dryer filter residue

Did you know that dryer residue is a great fire starter?

To discover : Stop Buying Barbecue Fire Lighter. Make Them Yourself In 1 Min.

11. Transportable toilet in a plastic pot and kitty litter inside

To relieve your needs, an old plastic pot filled with litter can double as a toilet.

12. A waterproof matchbox with sandpaper on the lid for easy lighting.

Put your matches in a jar so that they never get wet again.

13. Use frozen water cans to keep your cooler cold

Instead of buying ice packs, use simple frozen water bottles.

14. Use pieces of wood to hang up a tarp WITHOUT having to put it on

With small pieces of rubber tube, you can hang your plastic tarpaulin without wasting time putting it on!

15. A plastic storage box as a baby bathtub

Did you know that a plastic storage box can also be used as a baby bath?

16. Store your kitchen essentials in a transparent storage box

Plastic storage boxes are great for organizing kitchen essentials.

17. Light the table with a solar garden lamp attached to a flowerpot

Did you know that with a solar garden light and a flowerpot you have a great light for your camping table?

18. Use a washcloth as a soap case

For an ultra light soap case, use your washcloth.

19. To do the dishes, fix a drain in the bottom of a masonry tub

To easily wash dishes when camping, you can attach a drain in the bottom of a masonry tub.

20. Use curtain rings to turn your tarp into a shower curtain

With simple curtain rings, you can turn your plastic tarp into a shower curtain!

Your turn…

And you, have you already tried these tips for camping? Maybe you know of others? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with our community.

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