2 Websites to Know to Publish Your Book for Free!

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Like many authors who seek publication, I first sent my manuscripts to the major publishing houses. After several disappointments, I found a more accessible way to edit my book: self-publishing.

The publication of a book is a real obstacle course: sending, letter of refusal, phone calls, mail, re-refusal …

The Classic Process

After a few attempts at known publishers (no need to quote them, everyone knows who I’m talking about!), and refusal many months later with a polite letter but without explanation, I persevere. Alas, same results with publishing houses more modest.

Post to author account ? Too expensive. And then when you are convinced that you have a little bit of talent, you don’t want to pay to be edited! Fortunately, there are now at least 2 ways to publish, and that without paying a penny.

Self Publication

1) Lulu.com

I first discovered Lulu.com. This is a site of American origin, and which allows the free publication of any work, from one to X copies, with print on demand.

With just a few clicks, you create your book, you print it, you distribute it, you sell it. I obviously tried immediately: I chose my format, the cover, the back, the nature of the paper, then I followed the different steps to transform my starting file into a mock-up ready for printing (not always Obviously, I spent several hours there!).

I then set the selling price. And I ordered a copy to make sure everything was fine for me … I received it 3 weeks later (a bit long, it seems that it has improved since then) and there was nothing left but to check that everything was as I had wished, and to order other volumes to organize a signing session …

2) TBE (ThemeEdition)

And then I found Sub-Edition: French equivalent of Lulu, this site seemed a lot more easy to use. At first glance, it is also more sober and easier to access.

He is also stuffed with tips for selling books, advertise, get into the publishing world which, for many, is another planet. So I tested it with another novel, and its use to download the starting file seemed to me easier.

Ditto for the choice of cover. On the other hand, there are fewer possibilities of formats. But the delivery times are faster, and the help on the site more responsive. Finally, I recommend it without hesitation to those who want to self-publish their work!

There is furthermore no money to advance. We set the price of our book according to the profit we want to make from the sale. For example if printing costs 4.5 € and that we want to achieve 3 € profit per copy, we set the price at € 7.5.

The negative points

There is bound to be. Publishing your book is good, but it remains to make it sell. With this formula, the whole promotion is at the author’s responsibility. While in the classic route, the publisher takes care of it.

It must be admitted, however, that the site provides authors with lots of sound advice on how to advertise and set up sales channels. It’s hard work, but it can work if you put energy and perseverance...

And you, have you tried another trick or another intermediary to get edited? Give us your tips quickly and don’t hesitate to make your comments on these proposals!

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