19 Essential Tips For Anyone With A Car.

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Did you know that there are also tips and tricks for your car?

For little money (and even for free), you can make your life easier: cleaning, repairs, parking and even storage.

Here are 19 tips and tricks that you can use for your car to save money easily:

1. Clean the headlights with toothpaste

How to use toothpaste to clean headlights?

Toothpaste is a basic product that can be found in every home.

But did you know that it is also effective for cleaning headlights?

Just spread it on a piece of soft cloth and polish the headlights.

They will shine like new in minutes.

Click here to find out how to clean your headlights with toothpaste.

2. Cool down the car WITHOUT turning on the air conditioning

On hot days, your car can quickly turn into an oven.

But there is a little trick to quickly refresh the interior of your car:

– Roll down only one window of your car.

– On the other side of your car, open and close the door 5 to 6 times.

By opening and closing the door, the hot air will escape. At the same time, the fresh air will enter through the open window.

The great thing about this trick is that you don’t have to waste fuel by cranking up the air conditioning.

3. Use a rubber band as a smartphone holder

How to make an iphone holder with a simple rubber band?

Thread an elastic as in the photo to transform it into a smartphone holder.

But beware of road safety: this little trick is only for using the GPS function of your phone!

Click here to find out how to transform a rubber band into a smartphone holder.

4. Increase the range of your auto beep with your chin

How to find your car in a garage?

Here is a good tip if you can no longer find your car (this often happens in large parking lots).

The technique is quite unusual but it works particularly well: place the alarm beep on your chin (mouth open) to increase the range.

The fluids will turn your head into a small antenna.

Click here to find out how to increase the range of your car alarm.

5. Fill the windshield cracks with nail polish

Nail polish is handy for patching cracks in your windshield.

To prevent your cracks from spreading even further, apply clear nail polish to both sides of the windshield.

6. Look at your fuel gauge to know which side to refuel from.

How do I know which side is the gas tank on?

If you are driving a new car or a rental car, you may not know which side the tank is on.

Look at the gauge: there is usually an arrow that indicates which side the tank is on.

Click here to find out which side to refuel from.

7. Take a picture of where you are parked

This is one of the best ideas on this list.

Ever forgot where you parked?

Next time, use your smartphone to take a photo of where you parked: it will be easier to find it.

You can also place a landmark in Google Maps on your smartphone.

8. Hang a shoe rack at the back of the seat

How to use a shoe rack as a storage space for the car?

Hang a shoe rack over the seatbacks for easy storage.

Very practical for long journeys by car.

9. Remove dents from the body with a suction cup

remove dents from the bodywork with suction cup

Use a suction cup plunger to “suck up” any dents from your body.

It works great for fixing medium sized bumps.

10. Polish your car with conditioner

After washing and drying your car, give it a shine with conditioner.

In addition, it will prevent the water from leaving traces of lime.

11. Use a coffee filter to clean the interior

Can you use a coffee filter to clean the car?

Instead of buying cleaning wipes, try a coffee filter soaked in a little olive oil instead.

You can also substitute olive oil with a cleaning product of your choice.

Coffee filters are great as a cleaner because they do not contain chemicals (unlike drying veils).

12. Keep your pizza warm with the seat warmer

The problem with takeout pizzas is that they cool before they get home.

The solution: use the seat heater to keep them nice and warm.

Click here to find out how to keep your pizza warm in the car.

13. Hang a tennis ball from the garage ceiling to avoid hitting the wall

How to park in a narrow garage?

To avoid hitting your wall or the objects in your garage, there is a simple and ingenious trick.

Just attach a tennis ball to a string.

The tennis ball becomes a cue to know where to stop when you park your car.

Click here to find out how to easily park in a narrow garage.

14. Use white vinegar to defrost the windshield

In a sprayer, mix water and vinegar (1/3 water and 2/3 vinegar.)

Instead of scraping off the frost, you can use this mixture to defrost your windshield.

15. Unlock a lock that has frozen

When it is really cold, car locks can freeze.

Try applying a layer of hand sanitizer to your key.

The alcohol in the disinfectant will melt the ice in the lock.

16. Turn a food box into a car trash can

How to use a cereal food box as a car trash can?

Small car bins come in handy – especially on long journeys.

The easy fix: you can just use a food box as a trash can.

Click here to find out the trick.

17. Unlock your car with a shoe lace

Before you call the locksmith, here’s a video that shows you how to unlock it with a simple lace:

18. Open the ring of your key ring with a staple remover

How to open a keychain ring with a staple remover?

With this trick, no more difficulties with the ring when you want to add or remove a key.

You just need to use a simple staple remover to open the wire of the ring.

Click here to find out the trick.

19. Recycle a box of photo wrap to store your change

make a practical coin holder for the car

No more digging around for coins in your car.

Photo wrap boxes are handy coin purses for paying for the meter.

Your turn…

Do you know any other tips for the car? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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