16 Incredible Destinations To Travel WITHOUT A RUIN.

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Everyone wants to travel.

The concern is that traveling is not cheap, especially when you go with your family!

So where to go cheap on a small budget even during the high season?

Fortunately, there are some great destinations that are inexpensive but truly exotic and incredible to visit.

Discover 16 travel destinations for those who want great experiences without breaking the bank. Look :

16 destinations for traveling on a budget

1. Albania

budget trip to Albania

Of course, you can splurge in Sicily or the Greek Islands and pay full price. But Albania has equally fantastic beaches, an incredible coastline and all for a much lower price than its European sisters. Accommodation is much cheaper, starting at around ten euros per room. And do not fear for your safety, Albania is a safe country even with your family.

2. Morocco

Morocco for low budget

Morocco is one of the most affordable African countries. In the off-season, a Paris / Marrakech return trip costs around one hundred euros. A typical Moroccan meal can cost you between € 4 and € 15 for two, which includes finger foods, a main course and mint tea.

3. Lisbon in Portugal

cheap trip to Portugal Lisbon

If you are going to Lisbon go there in mid spring or early fall as the flight deals are cheaper. A bottle of wine and a main course can be found for around € 5 each.

4. Madrid in Spain

Madrid in Spain, cheap weekend

Compared to the rest of Europe, Spain remains cheap. Especially if you go in September, October, April or May. In Madrid you will find inexpensive tapas and wine in small restaurants for only around 10 to 15 € each.

5. Crete in Greece

crete for cheap travel

Traveling in Greece has never been so cheap! And especially Crete! Yes, the crisis has passed by there … You can eat ultra fresh seafood and enjoy superb beaches like Balos without breaking the bank.

6. Varna in Bulgaria

Varna Bulgaria cheap travel

Varna is a completely underrated gem on the Black Sea coast. It is one of the most affordable coastal towns in Eastern Europe. You can also explore the Varna wine region and the Villa Melnik wine estate for a comprehensive wine tour with wine, bread and cheese tastings for around € 8. You can hike through the sandstone pyramids of Bulgaria.

7. Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca landscape cheap travel

This getaway to this Spanish island will delight you. Inexpensive accommodation, cultural tours, breathtaking beaches, and all that for a mini budget.

8. Hungary

Hungary Lake Balaton weekend

If you want incredible landscapes for your hikes, tranquility and cultural visits, Hungary is a good destination. Especially in the region of Lake Balatòn. You can even practice water sports for an unbeatable price.

9. Sardinia in Italy

beach in sardinia for a small budget

Perfect for lovers of Italy and Mediterranean islands. Incredible beaches, beautiful hikes and authentic accommodation for small budgets. To top it off, super welcoming people never stingy with good tips.

10. Izmir in Turkey

izmir cheap travel destination turkey

Izmir, its coast, its climate and its beaches … perfect for spending a pleasant holiday. You will also love the local gastronomy and the accommodation prices on site. To explore the region, just take a bus for around € 3.

11. Belgrade in Serbia

Belgrad monastery Serbia cheap weekend in europe

Serbia may not be the first destination we think of, and yet! Accommodation in huge historic apartments for less than € 30 a night, an incomparable gastronomic menu for less than € 15 as a couple and above all a magnificent and culturally rich city. You will not be disappointed especially if the locals take care of giving you tips!

12. Krakow in Poland

visit Krakow square cheap

Krakow is really a cheap city, both in terms of accommodation and food. Plan a budget of around thirty euros for a couple to eat each day. Once your stomach is full of local specialties, you can visit this charming city with one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

13. Vilnius in Lithuania

Lithuania for cheap vacation lake

The city center is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: there is plenty to do in terms of visits! For the budget, you won’t be disappointed: food and accommodation are very inexpensive. Go ahead and tell me about it!

14. Cyprus

low budget cyprus beach

Palm trees and white sand beaches: all the ingredients are there for a relaxing and exotic trip. You just have to look out for the best prices for the plane.

15. Hurghada in Egypt

Hurghada Egypt Cheap Travel Water Sports

For adventure seekers, history buffs and diving professionals, Egypt is the best playground. The city of Hurghada located on the edge of the Red Sea is the ideal place because it is not excessive. For 60 € per person you will find a flight. As for accommodation and meals, don’t worry, they are good quality and inexpensive.

16. Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina

visit sarajevo low budget weekend

It is really the moment to visit the alleys and the market of Sarajevo, before mass tourism takes hold of this city. You will appreciate a clever mix of Slavic, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian architecture, which is also found in the gastronomy. You will find very comfortable small hotels with a little old-fashioned charm for less than 40 € per night. The best is still to go to the locals thanks to Airbnb. You will find ultra modern accommodation there for around € 30.

Your turn…

Do you know other cheap destinations to travel without breaking the bank? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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