15 Tips To Make Life Easier For Everyone Who Rides.

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Do you ride a horse? Or do your children ride a horse?

So you know that the life of a rider can quickly become a real obstacle course! Especially on a competition ground!

Between all the equipment you need to buy and the organization you need to have, it’s not easy.

Fortunately, there are some tips to make your riding life easier.

We have selected 15 effective and inexpensive tips to make your life easier.

Look :

1. No more saddle pad that slips thanks to the strapping

Put on straps to prevent the horse saddle pads from slipping

Are your saddle pads still in their rack? Simply wrap the hook and loop strap all the way around the saddle holder.

And There you go ! Your mats will stay in place no matter what. Remember to do the same on the racks of your truck, ideal during transport! To get it, it’s here.

2. Baby diapers to treat a hoof abscess

A baby diaper to protect the horse's hoof

Not always easy to treat since the horse has to put its foot down and is in contact with dirt. To insulate it from the ground and keep the treatment in place, use a baby diaper!

Lay the center of the diaper under the hoof. Close the diaper around the horse’s fetlock using the diaper’s adhesive tabs. Add hook-and-loop strap if necessary.

Efficient and economical, the foot will heal much faster.

3. Kraft paper to keep the clay moist

keep the clay moist with kraft paper

To optimize the laying of clay on the limbs, use kraft paper.

Cut 4 pieces of paper to the exact size of the limb. Dip them in a bucket of water. Wrap them around each clay limb. Apply the rest bands on top.

This allows the clay to stay moist longer and therefore be more efficient.

Are you in a competition and don’t have kraft paper on hand? Do not panic ! Use your old bibs, a food paper bag, or simply the old lists of competitors from completed events!

4. Pimp your obstacle bars with colored adhesive

decorate bars obstacles customize

Tired of painting and repainting your bars? Use this quick and easy trick for flashy and original bars: colored adhesive tape.

They come in all sizes and colors. You just have to let your creativity flow!

5. Turn pallets into storage shelves

pallet storage stable shelf

Do you need more storage in your grooming area? Recycle wooden pallets and turn them into shelves by placing them vertically against the wall.

There you go, each product is stored in its place and easy to access. This tip is also valid for the whole team.

6. Reuse the ribbons from your old waves

tip red ribbon ponytail

Are you competing with the Kick King and you don’t have a red ribbon to put in his tail?

Simply use ribbons from an old stream and take the ribbon of the ideal color. Red for a beating horse, green for a foal. The trick is played and you are serene to relax.

7. Assign a color to recognize the height of the bars.

pre-measured obstacle bar tip adhesive tape

Tired of dismounting after each jump to go up the bars? Use colored tape on your candlesticks.

Measure precisely and once for all the dimensions of each hole. Apply a color to each height. For example 90 cm = yellow. 1 m = blue. 1 m 05 = green.

There you go, no need to be a pro, your friends can now help you! Just ask them to raise the bar on the green!

8. Use baby potties as a support

support bar obstacle cavaletti baby potty

To create a homemade cavaletti holder, use baby jars. And no, they’re not just for babies.

Buy them in a typical “Foir’Fouille” store, they will cost you much less than in a professional saddlery.

Remember to choose rubber pots and not plastic. There will be no breakage in the event of an unfortunate stride.

9. Use your rest bands as chaps

Did your chaps just tear? Worse, did you forget them at home?

Nothing worse than riding without protection: the stirrup leathers pinch the skin of your legs.

There is a very simple solution: bandage your legs with your horse’s rest bands. And hop, in the saddle and without risks!

10. Recycle the cans to make a grain measurement

horse grain measure

Grain measurements? We lose them, we break them… To always have one on hand, cut the bottom of a plastic container to make a sort of shovel.

Keep the container handle. There you go, you save around ten euros thanks to this clever recycling.

11. Scratch your protections on a wall

tip for storing horse gaiters

Your protections are lying around, the pairs are separated? For efficient and clever storage, stick scratch strips on a wall, in your closet or in your truck’s upholstery.

Scratch each pair together on the device. You just have to pull to unhook them. Convenient and super-fast.

12. Use baby wipes to clean

Ideal for cleaning the eyes and nostrils of your horse. Use baby wipes.

Also perfect before a presentation. They will be used to polish your boots before entering the competition field. In short, it is the lethal weapon of the careful rider.

13. Use silica sachets against mold.

avoid mold moisture material horse silica

To prevent your equipment from molding in your storage trunks, use these small silica sachets found in shoe boxes.

14. Use an erasable marker to manage your time

It is often difficult to manage your time well in competitions. We forget the hours of passage, the tasks to be performed, the order of the horses to be presented …

A simple tip will help you stop stressing for nothing. Your ally: the erasable marker.

Write your stains on the plastic part of your truck or your van (make sure the surface is erasable). Clear tasks as you complete them.

There you have it, no need to run everywhere, you save time to focus on the event.

15. Use detangling spray to make winter mowing easier.

To make grooming easier, apply mane detangling spray all over the horse’s body. No dirt will cling to the dress.

You will save precious time for grooming, especially on a competition day.

Also use this tip before winter mowing. The mower blades will slide more easily, your horse will not see the time pass.

The result will be clean and silky! The drudgery of mowing is over.


There you go, you now know how to make your life easier if you ride a horse 🙂

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