14 Places To Find Free Boxes Near You.

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Need free boxes?

Are you moving soon and you do not have boxes to “make your boxes”?

Do not panic !

There is a very nifty solution to finding boxes for free.

Here are all the places near you where you will be able to find free boxes quickly.

need free boxes: here are 14 places where you can find them for free and easily near you

1. At the supermarket

This is the best way to find free boxes.

In your neighborhood supermarket, there are often boxes lying around at the exit of the checkouts.

You can take them, they are made available to customers.

If you can’t find any near the cash desks, ask a department manager, he will come and get some for you.

2. At the local grocer

Your grocer also receives all his merchandise packed in boxes.

If the boxes are usually small, you can always drop by to see if he can help you out.

3. At the local tobacco shop

Your tobacconist receives boxes with each delivery. He surely has some in his back room. If not, ask him to put it aside for you.

4. At the pharmacy

Your pharmacist receives daily drug deliveries and must get rid of the boxes as quickly as possible.

He will therefore be happy to help you out.

5. In a fast food restaurant

Call the MacDo or the Quick near you and ask them kindly to put some boxes aside.

Once the appointment has been made, all you have to do is pick them up.

6. In bookstores

At the bookseller, you will find small, clean and very strong boxes. The ideal format for moving.

7. In decoration stores

Decoration stores have all their furniture delivered in cardboard boxes.

They have cardboard boxes that are often in good condition and clean, which they throw in the trash every day.

Come and ask a salesperson, cashier or store manager, you should find what you are looking for.

8. In sports shops

Another good idea to find free boxes. All sporting goods are packaged in these precious boxes.

Stop by the sports store near you and ask a salesperson if you can pick it up. He won’t tell you no.

14 places to find free boxes for moving

9. In DIY or gardening stores

Some DIY stores such as Monsieur Bricolage or Leroy Merlin have the boxes at the entrance, in bins.

These used packing boxes are free and available to customers.

10. At La Poste

Ask for old boxes for a move …

If they sell boxes to send your packages, they also receive packages in boxes.

These boxes will be discarded if you do not request them.

11. In restaurants in your neighborhood

Restaurants also have their food products delivered in delivery boxes.

Check out the restaurants in your neighborhood, they should be happy they can get rid of them.

12. At the recycling center

Ask the people who work on site if you can take boxes that are in good condition.

It suits them that individuals pick up, so you don’t risk being told no.

The advantage of the recycling center is that you can take all the boxes you will need for your move.

13. In department stores

At Galeries Lafayette or FNAC, ask a salesperson. You can go and look at the back of the department store directly, you have a good chance of finding some that are stored to be thrown in the trash.

14. To a friend who works in a large company

In large companies, there are rooms with supplies and boxes to transport files. Ask a friend to bring you some …

Now that you know where to find free boxes, here’s a handy tip to easily carry your boxes during your move.

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