14 Engineering Tips For Camping. Don’t Miss # 11!

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When the temperatures rise, I have only one desire.

It’s to go green for to go camping with friends.

Nothing better than camping to enjoy sunny days and the beauty of nature!

But just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort, right?

We have selected 14 genius camping tips for you that will make your life easier. Don’t miss the n ° 11! Look :

14 tips and tricks to make camping easier

1. Before leaving, prepare pancake batter and store it in freezer bags. Once at the campsite, just squeeze the bags in a hot pan

A great camping tip is to make your pancake batter ahead of time and store it in freezer bags.

If you don’t have a cooler, just remember to eat your pancakes on your first day of camping. To seal freezer bags with the pancake batter in them, use tongs like these.

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2. To make sure that there are no ticks on your clothes, simply run an adhesive roll over them.

A great tick camping tip is to use an adhesive roll on your clothes.

Use a simple adhesive roll like this one.

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3. Before leaving, crack some raw eggs in a glass jar. With this trick, your eggs will stay fresh all day, without having to put them in the refrigerator

Here's a neat trick to avoid breaking your eggs when you go camping.

Instead of carrying your eggs in their carton and risking breaking them on the way, use a big glass jar like this one.

4. Instead of lugging around an entire tube of toothpaste on a campsite, prepare individual pods. Once solidified, put the pods in mini freezer bags for easy transport

A great camping tip is to pack toothpaste pods to avoid carrying your tube around.

And this is what it looks like once the toothpaste is solidified:

A camping tip is to put your toothpaste pods in mini freezer bags.

All you have to do is put a pod in your mouth to easily brush your teeth anywhere.

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5. To have waterproof shoes, rub them with beeswax.

When you go camping, rub your shoes with beeswax or paraffin to make them waterproof.

Use 100% pure and natural beeswax, like this one. And if you don’t have beeswax, this trick also works with paraffin. Check out the trick here.

6. If you take your razor with you, use a clip to protect it.

When you go camping, protect your razor blades with a simple clip.

Check out the trick here.

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7. Use a cotton ball impregnated with Vaseline to make a super effective fire starter.

One of the camper's tips is to soak cotton in Vaseline to make homemade fire starters.

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8. When camping with the family, put your shoes in a basket to prevent insects from getting into them.

When camping, put all your shoes in a basket to protect them from insects.

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9. This hand washing station will help you keep your hands clean throughout the camping trip.

Recycle an old laundry canister into a hand wash station for when you go camping.

To make this car wash, turn a big container into a car wash

10. Children and camping – not always easy for parents to manage. To make camping with the kids easier and more fun, organize a scavenger hunt. For this, make a bag with a list of things to find during the trip

A great camping activity for kids is to organize a scavenger hunt.

To do this scavenger hunt, prepare a list with pictures of things they must find during the stay and paste it on a paper bag. I think it’s great ! Obviously, only choose items that are safe for your children, like leaves, beautiful stones or interesting pieces of wood.

11. A transparent shoe rack is undoubtedly an essential thing to take when camping.

A great camping idea is to use a hanging shoe rack to organize your things.

For example, use a transparent shoe rack like this one.

12. Use muffin cups to keep insects from falling into your glass.

To keep bugs out of your drinks when you are camping, protect them with muffin cups.

You can find muffin cases here. If you don’t have any boxes, you can just use aluminum foil. Check out the trick here.

13. If the trees around your camp do not have branches to hang your things on, make a coat rack yourself.

If you don't have a branch to hang your things on when camping, tie a piece of wood to a tree trunk.

14. A simple plastic container keeps your toilet paper clean and dry

The trick to keeping your toilet paper clean while camping is to put it in a plastic container.

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