14 Amazing Tips To Make Your Dirty Car Look Like New.

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Cars get dirty even faster than the inside of a house!

Result, we can spend the day cleaning it …

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective tips to make your life easier and save you time.

We have selected for you 14 amazing tips to make your dirty car look like new. Look :

14 Amazing Tips To Make Your Dirty Car Look Like New.

1. Use conditioner to clean the body

Washing the car with conditioner to make it shine

Most conditioners contain lanolin which will make your car shine.

2. Clean the dashboard with a coffee filter

Cleaning the dashboard with a coffee filter

The coffee filters are made of a lint free paper which is perfect for removing dust and grease on the dashboard!

3. Use cooking oil on the bumper to easily remove hanging dead insects

Clean the bumper with cooking oil to remove insects

Spray vegetable cooking oil on the bumper and grille of the car, then scrub with a microfiber cloth to get rid of dead insects easily.

4. You can also use a dryer veil to clean the bumper

Clean the bumper of the car with a dryer veil

5. Clean the wipers with 70 ° alcohol to prevent them from leaving marks on the windshield.

Cleaning the windshield wipers with 70 ° alcohol

Use a microfiber cloth soaked in 70 ° alcohol to wipe your car windshield wipers. It prevents them from leaving traces when you use them.

6. Use toothpaste to remove dirt from the headlights

Cleaning the headlights with toothpaste

Put a dab of toothpaste on a cloth and rub the paste on all the headlights to remove dirt. Rinse it off with water Check out the trick here.

7. Dust the air vents with a foam brush

Cleaning the ventilation grille with a foam brush

You can easily find a cheap foam brush at hobby shops like this one.

8. You can also use a computer dustpan to remove dust in the air vents.

Remove dust from the air vent with an air bomb

Do this before vacuuming so that you can pick up dust easily.

9. Make your own deodorant by putting 5 to 10 drops of essential oil on a clothespin

Put drops of essential oil on a clothespin to perfume the car

10. Use an old sock and a cup to clean the inside of the cup holders.

Clean the inside of the cup holders with an old sock

Put an old sock on a cup, spray window cleaner on it, and rotate the cup several times on itself to remove dirt and grime in the cup holders.

11. Easily remove dirt and grime between the seat seams with an old toothbrush

Cleaning between the seams of the seat with an old toothbrush

12. Use a flathead screwdriver and a rag to remove dirt in hard-to-reach corners.

Cleaning the corners with a screwdriver and a microfiber cloth

13. Make your dashboard shine with petroleum jelly

Shine dashboard with petroleum jelly

14. Remember to roll the windows down to clean the top edge.

Cleaning the window edges with window cleaner and a cloth

The edges of the windows are often very dirty. Remember to lower them to easily clean them with a window cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

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