13 Things The Airlines Have Always Hid From You.

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Are you going to take a plane soon?

So, know that airlines are hiding things from you!

Whether it’s the tips for choosing the best seat …

… or the questionable hygiene of some parts of the plane, there are things you should know as a traveler!

And this is true for low-cost airlines as well as for traditional airlines.

Fortunately, to help you travel safer and cheaper, airline secrets are revealed to you today.

here are the 13 things airlines are hiding from you, but every traveler should know. Look :

1. This is what the safety instructions don’t tell you

Here's what airlines don't tell you in their safety instructions.

The reason airlines turn off lights on planes that land at night is to accustom your eyes to the dark in an emergency evacuation.

Likewise, if they ask you to put your tablet away when taking off and landing, it is to allow passengers traveling next to you to leave their seats quickly in an emergency.

And if they ask you to raise the window shutters, it is so that the cabin crew can see what is going on outside if there is a problem.

Or vice versa, so that the emergency services can see inside in the event of an accident.

2. They are very stingy when they need to fill up with gasoline

Did you know that airlines prefer to keep fuel levels as low as possible?

The more kerosene airlines put in, the more the plane’s load increases… and the more expensive it is to transport.

So, to save (a lot) of money, they prefer to keep the fuel levels of the planes as low as possible.

But it also means that in the event of bad weather or other unforeseen delay, they sometimes have to make a distress call to obtain an emergency landing … because they are out of gas!

3. They may deny you boarding in the event of overbooking

What are your rights as a passenger in the event of overbooking?

Airlines all practice overbooking so as not to lose money if passengers cancel their flights.

But if there haven’t been enough cancellations, it means there are more passengers than seats on the plane. Ouch!

Thus, in the event of overbooking, airlines initially offer compensation to travelers who are willing to give up their seat … DO NOT ACCEPT IT!

Indeed, they will continue to increase their compensation proposals until they have enough volunteers ready to give up their place.

What if they don’t have enough volunteers? No choice, they are forced to deny you boarding and offer you a new flight.

If so, insist on receiving compensation cash (Many airlines can even write you a check at the airport!).

Thus, you can obtain up to € 600 in cash compensation, depending on the length of the journey.

If you are denied boarding due to overbooking, click here to learn about your rights as a passenger.

4. Are you traveling in a group? Book separately!

Even if you are traveling in a group, it is best to buy your tickets one at a time.

Even if you are traveling as a family, it is best to book your tickets one at a time.

For example, suppose you are looking for 4 tickets, but the airline only has 3 tickets at the cheapest fare.

Their “solution” will be to offer you the 4 tickets at the same price … but at the highest price!

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5. Has your suitcase been lost? Don’t wait to request a refund

Did you know that airlines have a very short deadline for accepting lost, delayed or damaged baggage reports?

An airline lost your suitcase?

Don’t wait to report lost baggage, even though the lines can be extremely long.

In fact, with most airlines, the deadline for receiving declarations of lost, delayed or damaged baggage is very short.

Once this deadline has passed, they may refuse your claim for compensation or reimbursement of lost baggage.

Click here to find out your rights in the event of lost baggage.

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6. Their pilots must eat different meals

The two pilots have different meal trays to avoid simultaneous food poisoning.

Whether it’s onboard meal trays or restaurant meals that precede a flight, airlines do not allow their pilots to eat food from the same source.

Thus, pilots must either eat in different restaurants or wait at least an hour between their meals.

Convenient, because by eating meals made on different chains, airlines avoid the risk of simultaneous food poisoning.

Rather clever, don’t you think?

7. The aircraft seats are getting narrower

Did you know that airline seats are getting smaller and smaller?

No, you’re not dreaming: airline seats have shrunk quite a bit.

For example, in the long-haul Boeing 777s, the width of the seats has been reduced by approximately 3 cm.

Why ? But to add an extra seat in each row, of course. To hell with your comfort!

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8. Shelves are not as clean as they look

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect! Most airlines do not clean the shelves between each flight.

Did you drop some peanuts on your tablet? Maybe you should avoid eating them …

In fact, most airlines do not clean the shelves between each flight. Yuck!

So, before touching anything, always clean your tablet with a disinfectant wipe. To make your own cleaning wipes, the tutorial is here.

9. Is your flight canceled? Don’t queue! Call customer service directly

What to do when your plane flight is canceled?

When a flight is canceled at the airport, the first thing most people do is queue up in front of the ticket counter …

Instead, grab your phone and call airline customer service directly.

On the one hand, it will surely be much faster.

But in addition, the person who will take care of your case will probably be more efficient than that poor overworked agent at the airport counter.

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10. Airlines hate flight comparators

Airlines hate flight comparators!

Normal, because they have to pay a commission each time a customer makes their reservation through a price comparison site, such as Kayak or Skyscanner.

Thus, the airlines will do everything to make the use of these sites as difficult as possible.

For example, some airlines do not communicate their prices to flight comparison sites.

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11. Choose your seat at the best time

Did you know that the best time to choose your seat is 4 days before departure?

Approximately 4 days (i.e. 100 hours) before your flight, this is when you need to check in online.

Consult the seat map carefully, as you may be able to choose THE best seat on the plane.

Indeed, it is precisely at this time that airlines upgrade passengers to business class free of charge, to free up eco seats.

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12. Do you see that carpet? She’s actually really cracra …

Carpet is one of the dirtiest places on the plane, so NEVER walk barefoot on the plane again.

Yes, know that it is one of the dirtiest places on the plane!

Vomit, milk, baby’s pee, blood …

Everything you can imagine has already been spilled on airplane carpets.

So, a word of advice: avoid walking barefoot on the plane or even in socks …

13. “Non-refundable” tickets are in fact fully refundable.

Know your rights: in case of cancellation, the airlines must refund your ticket.

Of course, when a flight is canceled, the airlines will offer you to travel on another flight.

But what few people know is that you can also get a refund – even for so-called “non-refundable” tickets.

For the reimbursement of your ticket, it’s not complicated, you just have to make the request!

Your turn…

Do you know any other airline secrets? Share them in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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