13 Car Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier (Without Ruining You).

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Do you spend a lot of time in your car?

Then you will love these ingenious products!

We have selected for you 13 car accessories that will make your life easier.

Not only are these accessories cheap but in addition they will make the interior of your car more pleasant. Look :

What are the best accessories to improve the interior of your car?

1. This small brush to remove all the dust from your air vents

To improve your car, use this small brush to thoroughly clean the air vents.

We breathe better without dust, right? Nothing could be easier with this little tool, which fits easily in your glove box. Use the brush side to remove most of the dust and dirt from your air vents. Then use the microfiber cloth side for stubborn residue. Plus, the fabric cover can be easily removed for machine washing!

How much does it cost : € 3.12

2. This extendable hanger bar to hang your clothes. FINALLY a little organization for your back seat!

To upgrade your car, use this extendable hanger bar to hang your clothes.

This extendable hanger bar is super practical to move all your things when you move for example.

How much does it cost : € 50.00

3. These handy hooks for hanging bags on the back of your headrest and keeping them handy

To upgrade your car, use headrest hooks to hang your bags.

Feedback from a buyer : “Perfect for putting down your shopping bags or handbag. 4 pieces in a pack sufficient for two cars. Perfect” – Aurélie Frantz

How much does it cost : € 9.72

4. This waterproof cover to protect your seats from hair, dirt and scratch marks from Médor, your favorite passenger!

To protect your car seats, the trick is to use a waterproof protective cover.

Feedback from a buyer : “This cover that our dog has already tried is both practical and aesthetic. Moreover, with its” gutter “in front of the cover, it prevents the animal from falling between the two seats.” – Christian Robiette

How much does it cost : € 25.99

5. This bin with Velcro closure, to NEVER have garbage lying around on the floor

To improve the comfort of your car, use a Velcro-closed waste bin.

Buyer’s comment: “I bought it today. I put it in my car for the trip with my family. The size is perfect for the car. Small but collects all the child’s trash. Keep my car neat and clean . Very convenient.”

How much does it cost : € 12.99

6. This super compact charger with two USB ports to charge two smartphones at the same time

2 port usb car charger

No more arguments with your traveling companion about who has the right to charge their smartphone 😉

How much does it cost : € 9.99

7. This super soft cushion with bamboo activated charcoal, to travel in comfort during long journeys

To improve the comfort of your car, try a bamboo activated charcoal cushion.

Doesn’t it make you want to go on the road? In any case, with this cushion, no more pain in the buttocks after a few hours of travel 🙂

How much does it cost : € 26.98

8. This magnetic smartphone holder, which attaches in the blink of an eye

To make your life in the car easier, the trick is to use this magnetic smartphone holder.

Buyer’s comment: “Excellent value for money. Very easy to use. This product has changed my life! I leave the magnet in the shell of my phone and I just have to put the phone down when I drive! I really recommend “- Foxy

How much does it cost : € 9.29

To upgrade your car, use a storage box to organize your trunk.

Buyer’s comment: “This product is perfect. It fits very well in the trunk of a car (even small trunks) and thus provides an orderly storage to prevent, for example, de-icing bottles or scrapers wandering around in the trunk of the car while driving. The interior of the box is large enough and may be useful for vehicles without storage for grocery bags. “

How much does it cost : € 35.99

10. Do you drive a minivan? Use this trunk organizer for even more storage

A great product to enhance your car is this trunk organizer.

No more mess in the trunk! Each thing has its place and we find what we are looking for more easily.

How much does it cost : € 21.99

11. This super compact first aid kit, in case of an unexpected injury during a trip

To improve your car, it is essential to have a first aid kit!

Buyer’s comment: “No complaints, it is perfect and of good quality. I highly recommend this product, perfect value for money. It clearly meets my expectations but also the description on the site” – Biname

How much does it cost : € 19.99

12. These side pockets that slip between your seats to gain storage space

To better organize and enhance your car, use these side pockets to save space.

Buyer’s comment: “Very well thought out, a practical trinket for storing papers, Effectively adapts to all vehicle interiors. Neat finishes, good rigidity which gives an impression of solidity. Very practical and well designed because it is a question of ‘An unoccupied place as a rule. Looks well finished, these pouches give off some sturdiness. Just slip them between the seats and the deck. Delighted with my purchase! “

How much does it cost : € 9.99

13. This handy little document case to store all of your car’s papers in the glove compartment

Store all your car documents in this case to improve your comfort.

No more knowing where the car’s registration document is!

How much does it cost : € 8.99

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