12 Ingenious Tips For Your Next Hotel Stay.

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Holidays are sacred! We look forward to them.

So we plan everything to be able to make the most of family and friends.

And at the hotel, you just want to feel good and be comfortably installed.

No question of cleaning or tidying up! All we want is to be relaxed and have a good time.

You agree, don’t you?

12 tips for a good hotel stay

However, when we are at the hotel, our little habits change … and we may miss some little things.

Fortunately, there are some simple tips to make your hotel stay in the best possible way.

We have selected the 10 best for you to make your stay at the hotel unforgettable! Look :

1. Steam your clothes without an iron

a crumpled tunic hanging in the shower to smooth it out

Yes, it is possible! No matter how well we iron and store our things in the suitcase, they always end up being a little wrinkled.

If there is no iron in your room, take a very hot shower so that there is plenty of steam in the shower.

Then hang your clothes behind the shower head and close the shower stall door.

Wait about 10 minutes and all the wrinkles in your clothes will disappear. Check out the trick here.

2. Make complete darkness in the bedroom

a hanger is hung from 2 curtains to prevent outside lights from illuminating the room

Often in hotels, the curtains do not close properly. And the exterior lights are entering your room.

Not practical for sleeping, especially if you need total darkness for a good night’s sleep.

A simple clip hanger can solve your problem. Using the hanger clips, tie the two curtains together. And no more light will disturb you!

3. Recharge your phone when you have forgotten your charger

a USB cable allows you to recharge your laptop on the TV

Forgot your adapter to charge your mobile phone? Or can’t you plug it into the sockets in the bedroom? Do not panic ! A simple USB cable will do.

Most cables can be connected to almost any TV. And that’s good because most hotel rooms have a TV.

So all you have to do is connect your USB cable to the TV and plug your phone into it. Your cellphone will recharge itself! Check out the trick here.

4. Avoid leaving your toothbrush lying around in a dirty place

a clothespin clipped onto the toothbrush prevents it from coming into contact with a sirface

In some hotels, the bathrooms are not super clean. And since sometimes there is no glass for toothbrushes, you have to leave your toothbrush lying around on a shelf that is not necessarily very clean.

Fortunately, a simple clothespin will get you out of the woods.

Just hang it on the toothbrush so that the head of the toothbrush does not touch any surface.

It will thus remain very clean! Clever, isn’t it?

5. Make a plug in a sink

a piece of plastic and a few pieces can be used to stopper a lavaobo

To do a little laundry or to shave, it is very practical to be able to plug a sink or a bathtub. But, in hotels, the sink caps are sometimes missing.

Now all you have to do is make one. Fortunately, it is very easy. It is enough to put a plastic film which covers the evacuation. Put a few pennies in it to keep it going.

There you go, you can do your laundry or shave. And when you’re done, you just have to remove the plastic.

6. Improvise a changing table

a simple table can turn into a changing table

If you are traveling with a baby, you will have to go through the “diaper” box fairly quickly.

And very few hotel rooms are equipped with changing tables.

Fortunately, a simple table can easily turn into a changing table. It is enough to clean it well and possibly to put down a towel. And there you have it, you have a nice changing table.

Note that you can also change baby on the bed, by putting a towel under his buttocks.

7. Prepare a breakfast with the kettle

an oatmeal-based preparation for a quick and economical meal at the hotel

When traveling as a family, the budget is often limited. So there is no question of eating every day in restaurants or cafes!

To save money, take oatmeal with you for breakfast and tabbouleh with bulgur or couscous for meals.

Why ? Because in hotel rooms, there is always a kettle in the room to boil water.

You will therefore be able to prepare a breakfast or a meal easily for the whole family and in addition it is good for your health.

8. Fall asleep faster

a folded towel is placed in front of a hotel room door to avoid noise and light

Are you bothered by the light or the noise from the hallway to fall asleep?

It often happens when there is a day at the bottom of the door. Because it is this space that lets through the noise and the light of the corridor.

To remedy this, simply fold a towel, and place it in front of the bottom of the door.

9. Easily humidify the air

a wet towel in front of an air conditioning to humidify the air

Are you traveling to a hot country? Air conditioning will then be welcome in your hotel room.

The concern is that the air conditioning tends to make the air dry. It’s quite unpleasant, but you can fix it easily.

To do this, take a towel and wet it. Wring out the towel and place it in front of the air conditioning.

In 1 min, you have made your own homemade humidifier.

10. Improvise a dining table for children

make the children eat on an ironing board

Are you traveling with your children? Then you may have a few meals in your room.

If there is no table, use an ironing board to feed your children.

Well seated, children can eat and watch a cartoon at the same time.

11. Use cushions to separate a double bed

cushions are placed on a double bed to sleep 2

Place cushions across the width of the bed to create two separate spaces. That way, each child has their own sleeping space. It avoids arguments!

12. Use the shower cap provided by the hotel to separate the shoes from the clean clothes in the suitcase.

The shoes are put in a shower cap so as not to soil the clothes in the suitcase

Hotels often provide their guests with shower caps. It’s free and it would be a shame not to take the opportunity to store your shoes neatly in the suitcase.

Your turn…

Have you tried any of these tips for a great hotel vacation? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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