12 Awesome Beach Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier.

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Even when you’re at the beach, worries are never far away!

Between the sand sticking to your feet, the sunburns and the cell phone that takes water, it can quickly ruin a beautiful day!

Fortunately, there are simple and effective tips to avoid these kinds of worries when enjoying your beach vacation.

Here is 12 awesome beach tips that will make your life easier. Look :

12. Use talcum powder to prevent sand from sticking to feet

Put talcum powder on the feet to avoid having the sand stuck

Sand sticking to your feet is super annoying to put your shoes back on after a day at the beach.

To avoid this, there is a solution: use baby powder.

How to do : sprinkle talcum powder on a piece of cloth and fold it tightly. You can also pour talcum powder directly into a box. When you are ready to go home, rub the talcum powder on your feet.

The talc will absorb all the moisture. This way, even the smallest grains of sand will fall easily! Your legs and feet will be clean and smooth.

Easy to put on your socks and shoes! In addition, you avoid bringing sand home or in the car. It also works to remove the sand stuck on baby’s skin.

11. How to avoid losing your car keys

tie the keys with a twig and hide it in the hubcap

To avoid losing your keys at the beach or seeing them disappear to the bottom of the sea, carefully hide them behind the wheel of your car.

How to do : take a plant stem and attach it to your car keyring. Hook the rod into a groove in the tire and let the wrench hang behind the tire. This way you are sure that no one will see the key. You can also use an empty sunscreen tube to hide them. Check out the trick here.

10. Easily hide your valuables

hide your valuables in a diaper on the beach

When you’re at the beach, you never know where to hide your valuables. And it’s not really a good idea to leave them unattended!

How to do : Just put your keys, phone, money or any other valuables in a child’s diaper. Close the diaper as if it were dirty. Now, it is unlikely that a thief will be interested in a used diaper! As a result, your belongings will be safe. Check out the trick here.

9. How to avoid having a headache

tip for not having a headache after diving

When you dive underwater, there is a sudden change in pressure that occurs. And this change can be the cause of a headache. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to preventing these headaches.

How to do : before diving underwater, pinch your nose and close your mouth. Then exert pressure on the ears by blowing for 5 to 10 seconds. Then release the pressure and inhale deeply. Repeat this process 2 times in a row.

With this little trick, your body will gradually adapt to the new pressure, and you will no longer have a headache.

8. Use a freezer bag to keep your phone dry.

Put the smartphone in an airtight plastic bag to protect it from water and sand

Sand and humidity are particularly not recommended for smartphones! However, it is difficult to do without your phone at the beach … Fortunately, there is a simple trick to protect your phone from sand and water at the beach.

How to do : To protect your phone from moisture and sand, place it in a Ziplock-type bag removing as much air as possible. Very practical to protect your phone at the beach! In addition, the touch screen still works. Check out the trick here.

7. Blow into a balloon to unblock your ears

the trick to unblocking your ears at the beach

Do you have water in your ears? It’s super annoying! Especially when the ears stay plugged for a long time when you are at the beach …

The solution is to restore the natural pressure in your inner ear. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

How to do : just take a simple balloon. Pinch your nose and blow into it to inflate it.

At some point during this process you will hear a small “click”. This little noise indicates that the pressure in your ears has returned to normal.

6. Freeze a water bottle to keep a drink cool all day.

a bottle of frozen water to always have a cold drink

There is always a moment on the beach when you really want a cold drink! No need to spend your money. There is a much more economical way to have a drink that is always cold on the beach.

How to do : Before going to the beach, fill a plastic bottle with 1/3 water and place it in the freezer. Take it out when the water is frozen.

When you need a cool drink after a long time in the sun, you can pour any drink into the bottle. Thanks to the ice cube in the bottle, it will cool down immediately. Check out the trick here.

5. Use a fitted sheet so you don’t get sand on your towel

a mattress cover installed on the beach to avoid the sand

The sand that is encrusted on the towel, we could do without! Fortunately, there is a simple trick to having a space to lie on the beach, without any grain of sand. Yes, it is possible!

How to do : To keep the wind from getting sand into your shoes, clothes, and bags, lay out a fitted mattress sheet instead of a regular beach towel. Place your things at the 4 corners of the cover to hold it.

You will have a little corner that looks like a paddling pool without water, in which you can lie down and keep your belongings sheltered from the sand. Check out the trick here.

4. Turn your shoes over to avoid burning your feet.

turn the sandals over so that they are not too hot

Putting on your hot shoes on the beach isn’t the most pleasant thing there is!

How to do : To prevent your sandals from burning your feet after leaving them for hours in the sun, turn them over when you’re not wearing them.

This way, the insoles of your shoes will stay cool and you can put them on without burning yourself. And if you don’t want to burn your feet in the hot sand, use this trick.

3. Use an old cardboard cup to prevent sand from sticking to the bottles.

a bottle put in a cup to prevent sand from sticking to the bottle

Want to keep sand from sticking to your bottles? It’s true that it’s annoying because you get sand everywhere every time you drink from the bottle. Fortunately, there is an easy and effective trick to avoid this inconvenience.

How to do : simply place the bottles in cardboard cups to prevent sand from sticking to them. Convenient and efficient, isn’t it?

2. Use cling film to protect your smartphone from sand and splash

a smartphone protected by plastic film

Here is another great tip to easily protect your phone from water and sand. You just need to wrap it with cling film. You will be able to keep it with you without the risk of damaging it with sand and splashing water. You can also use a can of tea like here in this trick.

1. Use ice cubes of aloe vera gel to relieve sunburn

aloe vera ice cubes to soothe sunburns

Thanks to its virtues, aloe vera gel can heal wounds, reduce swelling and hydrate. It is also a great way to relieve sunburn.

How to do : take your aloe vera gel, pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Once the ice cubes are made, you can rub them on your face, arms or back, anywhere you get sunburned. It helps your skin to regenerate and relieves pain immediately. Find out the trick.

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