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For this 1000th tip, let’s take a look at the 10 tips that marked the year 2010 and the start of 2011.

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As we said, both 2010 and 2011 were years rich in tips, advice, good plans, and other tips from grandmother. We wanted to present you the 10 most striking themes in order to catch up with you and enjoy an even smarter daily life!

Savings Realized

For us, the principle of saving on a daily basis reflects a desire to take advantage of advice, tips and tricks unearthed or transmitted allowing us to spend less for the same or even improved results.

Here is our top 10 to discover now:

1. The price of train tickets is a real problem. We have therefore continued to find various ways to save on tickets in order to take advantage of the best prices. Besides booking them in advance and taking advantage of discount cards, we have found two interesting sites for you to pay for your tickets cheaper.

2. The Spring season has just started, we have found a healthy and free detox for you to start the season in great shape! Also, avoid any spring allergy with our dedicated tip.

3. Whoever says Spring says seasonal food. How to lose weight quickly and well, what foods to avoid to lose weight easily, or what fruits and vegetables are currently in season are all questions we have tried to answer.

4. Shopping is a huge expense today. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways for you to save as much as possible, and know that organization is the key word.

5. Beauty tips have a real place in our team, which is why you cannot miss the benefits of coffee grounds. Both effective anti-cellulite and natural conditioner, coffee grounds are multifunctional and will bring you many benefits.

6. In order to save better on a daily basis and take advantage of the good deals of the moment, we have decided to set up the news tips section. The latest concerns the location of the cheapest gas stations at the moment, or the new driver’s license rating system.

7. Also, the perpetual rise in gas and electricity prices pushes us to look for different means for you to save as much as possible on these expenses. Turning everything off when you leave, using a power meter, knowing how much your household appliances are consuming, are various tips that will allow you to save a lot of money at the end of the month.

8. In the technological world, the iPhone has brought about a lot of upheaval. It is therefore important for all of you who have it to know how to save your battery, how to get a free dock, or how to get a free ringtone through iTunes.

9. Still in the technology department, we try to make it easier to use your daily tools. We thus found how to be exempt from the TV license. In addition to watching free TV on the internet, it is now possible to make free calls and listen to free music. It’s your turn !

10. Finally, Grandma’s tips and remedies represent the heart of our site, how can we miss all these practical tips!

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