10 Tips for Driving Farther in the Car with just 1 Fill of Gasoline.

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We all saw it, it made us all panic: the price of gasoline keeps increasing. Here are my 10 tips for driving more with less gas.

Adopting eco-driving is becoming a necessity. Beyond the significant ecological aspect, I mainly intend to spend less. For this, there are tips to know, here they are:

1. Stay zen. Driving aggressively and dryly uses up much more gas. Better ride relaxed, smoothly and without sluggish acceleration. It’s better for the nerves and for my money. I win 4 € every 100 km, a good deal, isn’t it?

2. Why stay so long in premiere? My car doesn’t have to be pushed in first for a quarter of an hour to be awake. The first is really the speed to change as quickly as possible because it consumes a lot of gasoline. In general, better drive under regime, and your best bet is to listen to your engine, it will tell you if you are not at the right speed.

3. I take myself for a turtle, I’m slowing down. Especially on the highway, instead of driving 130 km / h, I opt for a slight slowdown of 10 km / h and I go to 120 km / h, and it’s my full that says thank you.

4. Car and city do not mix. The short trips in town to pick up your baguette in the morning, medicine at the pharmacy in the afternoon and do your shopping in the evening are expensive. Driving in the city consumes much more, the less you take your car, the better you are. It’s good for the legs, it’s good for filling, it’s great against pollution.

5. Pamper your little car. Yes, as a girl, I don’t care at all about my car. Yet you have to know that I can save money going to do my revisions at the right time. It may be an unpleasant expense at the time, but it will surely prevent an even bigger expense if it is not done on time.

6. Inflate my tires regularly. If I drive with flat tires it results in overconsumption of considerable gasoline. It’s bad for the gas tank and it can be dangerous for my safety. Come on, hop, all to the inflation!

7. The air conditioner, Not too much need ! The air conditioning warms up the winter well, it cools down well in the summer, but if I abuse it, I will also go to the gas station much more often to refuel. To be used only in case of extreme suffocation or great chills.

8. Of equipment that help me ride properly. Thanks to GPS, I avoid going around the block three or four times before finding the right exit, and therefore I consume less. With a speed regulator or one consumption indicator, I can also find out about my excess (or not) in terms of fuel consumption. Clever, eh?

9. We are get rid of the superfluous. The gallery on the roof of the car consumes 10% additional gasoline. The ski box, the caravan are all objects that slow me down and make me consume more than necessary.

10. Should I buy this car or not? Before deciding on the color of my car and its heaps of essential options, I first look at its consumption rate. Some are extremely greedy in gasoline, and it is me who will pay for it, that no question!

There you are, you know everything. Ride very gently, take care of your car and your wallet will grow quickly. Good road !

And you, did you know these tips for driving cheaper? Tell us in the comments.

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