1 Simple Tip To Wash Your Car Without Wasting Water.

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The beautiful days are coming and with the desire to wash your car with plenty of water.

Stop! No need to unsheathe the garden hose and sprinkle your beautiful car.

Today washing your car is more and more expensive in gas stations. Doing it at home often rhymes with a garden hose …

No need to tell you that your monthly consumption will take a hit. And then, even if we are not 100% green, we know that it is average all this drinking water to wash a car!

So here’s a silly little trick, but one that you had to think about. So to avoid consuming too much water, follow the guide …

Smiling man cleaning his car

Economy, economy

Simply by filling a bucket with soap. Instead of watering your car, soap it and then rinse it. You fill a 5 l bucket with soap and water (why not water from then or from your water collector!)

And then you use a soft sponge which latheres well to rub, rub, rub!

If it’s a small model, a bucket is enough, otherwise you can possibly change the water when it becomes too black … (Yes, it’s true, it’s been 1 year since we cleaned it Titine, it’s about time!)

And after, only after having generously soaped it (not to say lovingly!) You can use the hose to rinse it.

With this tip you will be able to save substantially on the maintenance of your car.

The proof by the stats

Did you know that to clean a car with a garden hose, it takes approximately 300 liters of water.

It is 100 l more than to fill a bathtub, 2 times the average consumption of water for a French person a day!

• A 5-minute shower: 75 l, then use 4 times more water for his car than for himself … Me, that amazes me!

So, yes we love it, we are even proud of our “beautiful – car – bought – on – credit”, but all the same, it hurts a little in the heart to see so much drinking water going directly into sewers. No ?

You have other tips for washing your “beautiful – car – bought – on – credit” 😉 Come and explain them to us in the comments!

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