Who is most affected by phishing?

by Morgane Jack
Who is most affected by phishing?

Online industries most targeted by phishing attacks as of 1st quarter 2022

Characteristic Percentage of phishing attacks
E-commerce / retail 14.6%
Other 13.4%
Social media 12.5%
Cryptocurrency 6.6%

• Jul 7, 2022

furthermore, How many businesses are targeted by spear phishing? Cybersecurity Stats That Matter in 2022: Phishing The frequency of attacks varies by industry, but in 2021, 75% of firms around the world will have encountered a phishing attempt. Another 35% were victims of spear phishing, and 65% were victims of BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks.

How do phishers target their victims? The attack starts with grabbing a ton of email addresses, all by inputting your domain. Sending Phishing emails to these email addresses is essentially free. The attacker then sits back (again sips on that energy drink – like the movies, of course) and waits until someone clicks on one of those Phishing emails.

How successful are spear phishing attacks?

Spear phishing attacks are far more successful than the untargeted efforts of generic phishing emails. According to a report from FireEye, “spear phishing emails had an open rate of 70 percent…

What is spear phishing examples? Example 1: The attacker is encouraging the target to sign an “updated employee handbook” Let’s break down this spear phishing attack. In this example, the attacker is pretending to be an HR employee. But, the sender’s email address <[REDACTED]@ntlworld.com> does not match the domain of the target.

How does spear phishing happen?

Spear phishing happens when an innocent victim responds to a fraudulent email request demanding action. This action can include providing passwords, credit card details, clicking links to confirm shipping information, or transferring money.

What is an example of spear phishing?

But, because it appears to come from a trusted brand (Netflix) someone is likely to click the link. This is an example of a targeted spear phishing attack. In this case, the attacker is impersonating the target’s colleague. This is an example of a spear phishing email: CEO fraud, to be precise.

What are the 3 types of spear phishing emails?

What Are the Different Types of Phishing?

  • Spear Phishing.
  • Whaling.
  • Vishing.
  • Email Phishing.

What are indicators of spear phishing?

Suspicious emails from known senders: Emails from your contact list may have strange tones or ask for something they normally wouldn’t. Their syntax may be different as well. Off-brand emails from trusted organizations: Spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as low-quality logos, are things to watch out for.

What are 3 types of spear phishing emails?

What Are the Different Types of Phishing?

  • Spear Phishing.
  • Whaling.
  • Vishing.
  • Email Phishing.

Who is most at risk for cyber attacks?

The industries most vulnerable to cyber attacks:

  • Small businesses.
  • Healthcare institutions.
  • Government agencies.
  • Energy companies.
  • Higher education facilities.

How common are spear phishing attacks?

Reports from Proofpoint indicate that 64% of security professionals and 88% of organizations have experienced a sophisticated spear phishing attack. Many of these attacks were targeted for account compromise, malware (e.g., ransomware), and data theft.

How is spear phishing done?

Spear Phishing Scenario The attacker does research on their targets, finds out who they regularly communicate with, and sends a personalized email to the target that uses one or more of the 22 Social Engineering Red Flags to make the target click on a link or open an attachment.

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