How strict is Target’s return policy?

by Morgane Jack
How strict is Target's return policy?
  1. The standard return window is 90 days or 120 days with a Target RedCard.
  2. The general Target return policy gives you 90 days to return most items.
  3. But if you’re a Target RedCard holder, you get an extra 30 days to return most items.

furthermore, What is the return limit at Target without a receipt? You can return items without a receipt at Target in most situations. However, you can only return up to $100 worth of items a year without a receipt. You can’t return items worth more than $100 without a receipt.

What items Cannot be returned to Target? Returns and exchanges without a receipt may be limited.

The following items cannot be returned:

  • Open or defective collectibles (e.g., sports cards, special edition Barbie dolls, porcelain dolls, action figures and die-cast cars)
  • Personalized items and digital downloads.
  • Opened/unsealed breast pumps.

Can I return to Target without receipt?

If you don’t have the proof of purchase (examples include receipts, digital barcodes, packing slips), you may receive a refund in the form of a merchandise return card. When returning an item purchased from a Target PlusTM Partner, you must provide the proof of purchase.

Why does Target tell you to keep returns? Amazon, Target, and other big box retailers might pay you to keep your returns, experts say: here’s why. Stores may soon start offering refunds while also letting shoppers keep any item they want to return. The practice is meant to alleviate some of the costs retailers absorb when shoppers return items.

Can you return to Target after 90 days with receipt?

We’re happy to accept returns for a full refund within 90 days for most items. Add an extra 30 days if you paid with RedCard. And you have up to a year to change your mind on Target owned brands or registry items.

Can Target ban you for too many returns?

You can make up to three returns without a receipt, within a 45 day period. Target’s policy gives you 90-days for a return with a receipt. But if you don’t have a receipt or the item is open or damaged, Target can deny you a refund or an exchange. Both retailers make their policies clear.

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