Can lube give you a UTI?

by Morgane Jack
Can lube give you a UTI?
  1. Certain brands of products, such as spermicide or scented lubricant, can increase the risk of UTIs by upsetting the bacterial makeup inside your body.

furthermore, Can lube mess up your pH balance? Another reason Marashi recommends water-soluble lube is because oil-based lubricants, like coconut oil, can totally change your pH level, leaving you at a higher risk for developing infections like bacterial vaginosis.

Can lube cause burning? Parabens are added to many body products as a preservative, and glycerin is added to lubes to make them slippery. Some people are sensitive to one or both of these ingredients, and when people describe a “burning sensation” when using a particular type of lube, I often suggest trying a brand that’s paraben-free.

Does KY jelly burn?

KY Jelly side effects Stop using KY Jelly and rinse the affected area with water if you develop severe burning, stinging, redness, or irritation where the product was applied. Call your doctor if the irritation persists.

Can lube make you itch? Lube allergy Lubricants can ease pain and increase sexual pleasure, but in people who are allergic to them, they can cause itchiness, a burning sensation, hives or even anaphylactic shock. If you often experience any of these symptoms after using a lubricant, try a different type.

Why does lube make me itch?

Personal lubricants are designed to enhance sexual pleasure, but they contain a wide range of chemicals and preservatives that can cause irritation. This includes glycerin, parabens, and propylene glycol. In addition to irritation and itching, these ingredients can cause an overgrowth of bacteria.

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