Which indoor plants to choose room by room?

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Flowering plants, succulents and other shrubs bring color and life to our interiors. However, once we adopt plants, we have a responsibility to take care of them! And the maintenance of green plants does not require only good gestures, but also a few essential parameters. Watering, exposure to light (full sun, shade…), pruning… We quickly realize that our houseplants are not all on an equal footing. Compare two different potted plants, and maybe you’ll see one thrive while the other begins to fail you! Unfortunately, it’s not just about having a green thumb, but also choosing the right indoor green plants for each room you want to decorate. Indeed, some plants do not withstand the cold, heat and / or humidity of certain rooms well.

For successful indoor gardening, find out which plants to have and in which room to ensure their survival! No need for artificial plants or to be confined to succulents …

Plants for a room like the entrance or hallway

spathiphyllum among depolluting plants
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Often these parts suffer from a lack of light. It is therefore necessary to favor flowering or leafy plants which are not afraid of more shaded corners. The different varieties of begonias are some of the best choices for an inviting console or dresser! If there are in addition regular drafts, prefer indestructible plants such as the elegant white flowers of the spathiphyllum, the ivy (very persistent) or the sansevière.

Other beautiful decorative ideas …

To provide lush vegetation in a large corridor, you can train a large rubber (Ficus elastica) over the entire height of a wall. And to be greeted with a sweet flowery scent, opt for fragrant daffodil bulbs or hyacinths in planters. Enough to make you want to come home to get drunk on these beautiful smells!

What plants for the kitchen?

kitchen plants
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Want to install a small plant in the “heart of the house”? Generally, even if there is no direct sun, the kitchen is a bright room with good humidity often appreciated by plants. However, there are the oven, freezer and refrigerator as well as the hotplates, thus increasing the strong temperature variations. You must therefore choose your indoor plants with even more care! We recommend here the flowers of forced spring bulbs (hyacinths, crocuses, etc.) and plants with decorative fruits (love apple or cayenne pepper). Both for your indoor green plant and for you, in any case think about ventilate often to renew the ambient air.

Other great ideas …

The kitchen is also the ideal place to grow aromatic herbs and keep them close at hand! And on top of furniture (often unexploited), bet on plants with drooping foliage such as chlorophytum.

The living room: ideal for putting plants!

plants living room living room
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The living room (living room and / or dining room) is often very large and bright. It is therefore a room where you can indulge yourself with larger plants that might suffocate other smaller rooms. To your ficus (excellent depolluting plants in addition), coconut trees, syngoniums, monsteras, indoor palms (with the famous Kentia palm or the areca) candelabra euphorbias and other dracaenas! Everything is allowed from the large ivy planter to the installation of a graphic Lucky bamboo, amazing tillandsia or quirky anthurium in the living room.

Those that are ideal for the bedroom

Ficus elastica plant room corner of the room
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The bedroom is the room where we sleep, so we like to bring a little cheerfulness to it. However, it is necessary to avoid filling the indoor air with overly heady scents that could disrupt sleep. Exit therefore the hyacinth in favor of perhaps the Bromelia. These last produce a lot of oxygen, which is ideal on the night table to limit snoring! Green plants with decorative foliage (dracaena, areca or schefflera) also work very well in the bedroom just like cacti. Finally, to bring a zen and flirtatious side to the decoration, adorn a bright corner with a soft miniature orchid or a pretty phalaenopsis.

The bathroom: “capital” and room for depolluting plants that like humidity

bathroom plants
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In the bathroom, we find a lot of humidity and often little light. While a little light entering the room through a small window will do your plants the most good, you will always find options to fill this confined space and if possible also clean it up. As a priority, opt for ferns (Boston fern, adiantum, asplenium…), pothos, sansevière, moon flowers and ivies. These resistant plants will thrive there and will have a depolluting effect against the various VOCs in this room. Benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene have to be worried! Other plants like carnivorous plants, air maids, and tillandsia that feed by their leaves are ideal for this room.

What plants in the room where you work?

desk chair decoration
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Many arrangements of flowers and plants go well with the bookcase or the office. In addition to brightening up the work area and making people want to get started, plants are also conducive to concentration and have a soothing effect. And in this area, it’s not just the classic bonsai! Indoor plants with large leaves such as yucca, ficus (another of these so-called depolluting plants) or Beaucarnea will be the most beautiful effect. And to add color, why not opt ​​for a potted rose, orchids or a composition with several Mexican cacti?

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