The super easy recipe for bathtub paint

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Bath time is sometimes difficult for some children who are deeply bored by this step. To occupy them, we multiply the books, games and activities that make them not see the time passing. What if you made their artistic streak vibrate? Indeed, it is possible to make your own paint for the bathtub which rinses without leaving a trace. In addition, your young children will have fun with your agreement to draw on the wall, giving free rein to their imagination on the tiles or the bathtub itself with the brush or even with the finger (it’s still more fun!) . Once the bath is finished, you just have to give a little sponge to remove this washable paint. Enough to entertain budding artists and tint bath time with beautiful colors… and some giggles!

Bathtub paint is also great for kids who love to paint. This eliminates the need to take out the gouache and the aprons, cover the table and fear stains. Since everything goes in the water, there is no need for long preparation before being able to paint. It’s a clean and easy way to paint!

Ingredients :

250 g of mild liquid soap (dish soap, shower gel, shampoo that does not sting the eyes or liquid hand soap for example)
120 g of cornstarch
Liquid food coloring

The recipe for bathtub paint step by step:

1) First, mix the cornstarch with the liquid soap. Make sure the mixture is thick and smooth. To do this, do not hesitate to rectify by adding a little soap or water to soften, or starch to thicken. Above all, make sure to avoid lumps as much as possible at this stage.

starch soap mixture
YouTube capture of the Happy Toy Time channel

2) Then put some of this mixture in small containers. You can opt for an ice cube tray or even small airtight plastic jars. You can then close them to keep the mixture more easily.

3) In each container, add a few drops of food coloring. Feel free to mix colors to get a better color palette. It’s ready !

adding food coloring
YouTube capture of the Happy Toy Time channel

Think about well mix the paint before each use. Indeed, once stored, this special bath paint can separate a little, which is normal. And especially, do a test on a corner of the bathtub to make sure your food coloring does not stain. It would be a shame to end up with a blue or pink bathtub!

Once these checks are done, all that remains is to paint. Portraits, rainbow, sun… All you have to do is let the children have fun. A sponge or washcloth will wipe it all off when the bath is finished.

easy-to-wash tub paint
YouTube screenshot of Nicko’s Kids DIY channel

Good to know: For older children who are not at risk of putting paint in their mouths, you can also do a shaving foam and dye based paint. This airy texture will delight your little ones.

In video on the Happy Toy time channel:

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