The Home Made Storage Your Jewelry Will Love.

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April 27, 2019

Are you looking for storage for your jewelry?

Here is a homemade one that you will love!

The trick is very simple, just put 2 ice cube trays in a drawer to store your jewelry.

No more losing your earrings and tangling your necklaces and bracelets:

Use ice cube trays to store your jewelry easily

How to do

1. Take two ice cube trays.

2. Place them in a drawer.

3. Put your jewelry in it.


There you go, all your jewelry is now tidy 🙂

Simple, practical and economical!

Now with this homemade jewelry storage all your jewelry is in full view.

No more wasting time in the morning finding your favorite ring or pair of earrings.

In addition, your tidy jewelry is no longer damaged and you keep it longer.

Not to mention that it’s not really cheap! You don’t even have to buy a jewelry cabinet with easy DIY!

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Certainly the Most Convenient Storage For Your Jewelry.

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