the easy recipe for magic sand in 2 ingredients!

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Salt dough, modeling dough … Children love creative hobbies that make their creativity work like their fine motor skills. Nevertheless, nothing is more satisfying than kinetic sand or magic sand which is reminiscent of the sand games that they miss so much outside the summer holidays! Very malleable and colorful without being too messy, this modeling sand allows you to make sandcastles from home. No need to go to the! Its soft texture stimulates the touch by discovering a very soft texture. However, the ideal is to prepare it yourself using ingredients from the kitchen to avoid sands made from chemicals that the little ones could put in their mouths. Here is the ultra simple and non-toxic kinetic sand recipe for family fun.

Ingredients :

7 volumes of flour of your choice
1 volume of vegetable oil of your choice (olive oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, etc.)
A bowl to make the mixture

And how to color its magic sand?

Colored sand would be much prettier and more fun! This makes it possible to make magical sculptures and sculpt dinosaurs of all colors. However, you can’t just use just anything. Indeed, a food coloring may moisten the dough and alter the texture. So save your food coloring for other manual activities. You can replace them with coloring spices such as turmeric, curry or paprika. This is ideal for toddlers who might put sand in their mouths. For older children, you can grate an assortment of chalks of different colors. Another idea: add ecological glitter!

kinetic sand magic sand
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How To Make Kinetic Sand: The Steps!

All the steps are so simple that they can come true with children.

1) First, pour the flour into the bowl, then add the oil.

2) Mix with your hands until it is smooth. This is the perfect time to control the texture of the sand which must get closer to the wet sand. It must be able to be easy to shape to make casts that will not crumble. Do not hesitate to add a little flour if it is too liquid and a little oil if it is too dry.

3) Do you want to add colors? Let’s go ! Separate the sand into several equal piles in a bowl or freezer bag. Then incorporate your pigments (chalk or colored spices). It’s ready !

Store kinetic sand in freezer bags after use. Sand can be stored easily for up to two weeks and is reusable at will. After that, you can redo it or add a small amount of oil if necessary to preserve the sensory texture.

kinetic magic sand
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How to use kinetic sand?

Consider putting an oilcloth or tarp on the surface where the children will be playing as well as a large bin. They can start by kneading and kneading with their hands. Then, use your beach accessories (shovels, rakes, buckets, various toys…), kitchen utensils (cake molds, yoghurt pots…) or fimo cookie cutters… All the supplies for creative activities can be used! You can also provide figurines, small cars … To limit the number of products purchased, do with what you have at home !

Your child will be able to play pastry with fake cupcakes. Enough to make a very nice fake multicolored pastry. You can also run the competition for the most beautiful sand castle, a manual activity that will delight fans of Disney princesses like the Frozen. It’s up to you to find beautiful creative ideas together!

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