The Deco Tip To Have Inexpensive Flower Pots.

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Need to buy a flowerpot for your house or apartment?

Here is a great idea to have cheap flower pots, both for the exterior and for the interior.

Instead of buying plastic pots or terracotta flowerpots and planters, the trick is to grab some burlap sacks of coffee or sugar.

It costs almost nothing and it’s ideal to give a slightly vintage style, completely in tune with the times, to your balcony.

Cheap Indoor Burlap Flower Pots

How to do

1. Dump some soil into a heavy garbage bag. The goal is to have a first sealed container.

2. However, drill a hole in the bottom of the bag so that the water can drain out.

3. Insert the full garbage bag into the burlap bag.

4. Staple them together.

5. Roll up the canvas bag over the plastic bag so that the latter cannot be seen and the result is nice.


And there you have it, you have transformed the burlap into a waterproof flowerpot 🙂

Of course, you will have to put the bag down on a cup so as not to get water everywhere after each watering.

You can put aromatic plants if the bag is small. In a bigger bag you can plant whatever you want, a shrub or flowers.

For a Zen atmosphere, the little trick of the moment is to fill a container or a burlap bag with pebbles found on the beach …

Where to find them?

It is found everywhere in stores, even online. For example, you can find it here for just over € 3.99 per roll.

And if you want bigger bags, you can find some here.

Savings made

Decorating doesn’t always have to mean spending. With this decoration tip, you can create a cozy and zen atmosphere on your balcony or terrace for less than € 15.

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick for getting cheap flower pots? Tell us in the comments how you did it. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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