The 11 Best Storage For Your Little Apartment.

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Who says small apartment, says little place to put everything away.

A messy kitchen, shoes lying on the floor, a messy bathroom …

What time we waste trying to find each object!

Here are the 11 best storage for your little apartment that will make your life easier and expand your apartment.

1. Storage for necklaces

Use adhesive hooks to hang necklaces easily

There is no better way to store your necklaces without tangling them and finding them easily.

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2. Storage for plastic bags

A box of recycled wipes to store plastic bags

Very practical for storing plastic bags in a very small place. In addition, it makes a distributor, practical isn’t it?

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3. Storage for the hair dryer

Use a hairdryer holder to optimize the space in the bathroom

The hair dryer takes up space. Now, stored directly on the interior door of the cupboard, it is much more discreet.

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4. Storage for screws and nails

Storage box for nails and screws

For all DIY enthusiasts, this trick is really handy. Perfectly stored under a wooden board, you can’t see anything, but everything is tidy.

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5. Storage for lids

Clever kitchen lid storage

Very practical to save space in the cupboards. Pot lids always take up too much space.

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6. Storage for bulky winter items

vacuum storage bag to save space in cupboards

Quilts, blankets, throws, pillows, winter clothes take up a crazy place in our little closets.

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7. Storage for spray bottles

spray bottle storage under the sink

We all know that spray bottles take a crazy place in the cupboards. From now on, hung by the beak, they are more discreet.

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8. Storage for boots

boots tidy with hangers

How many pairs of boots do you have? If you are a collector, you probably have a hard time putting them all in the closet. Now it’s settled!

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9. Storage for beauty accessories

A shoe rack to store your beauty accessories

No need to find a place in the closet to store beauty accessories. Hanging on the bathroom door, they will all be stored in a shoe rack.

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10. Storage for pins and hair clips

Pin storage with magnetic bar

With a magnetic strip stuck in the cabinet, you can store pins and hair clips without losing them.

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11. Storage for ribbons

ribbon storage

At least they won’t be hidden in the back of the drawer anymore. No more excuses for not giving gifts to your mother-in-law!

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With these 11 tips, you will be able to tidy up your small apartment, so as to save space. Better stored, it will look much bigger 🙂

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