Rustic, original and inexpensive Salvage Decor!

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You know what ? My garden is rikiki but I want it more “trendy”.

This week, I’m preparing for spring with the Deco de Recup ‘.

Rustic, original and inexpensive. You follow me ?

Forward the chic and shocking decor!

If you too are living the crisis as tense as a slip for save, I receive you 5/5!

Today, everything is too expensive. A friend has me given around ten home-made preserves in these famous “Le Parfait” style jars.

Believe it or not, I was going to throw them away, when an idea original and resolutely trend occurred to me: DIYourselfer ! THE top-moumoute trendy thing.

After tasting their contents, I have them washed, bleached, I have removed the rubber , kept the cover. Then, I reserved them for clean in my workshop,

I have pretty wooden screens against the opposite of my nice neighbor. But they are a little sad without original floral decoration.

Spring eyesight, starts now!

This is now that we must start! With this trick, I am sure to be amazed, with originality my future guests.

Go for a walk, and recover small stones of different colors, collect volubilis seeds from a neighbor (those invasive flowers that hang everywhere). Otherwise, acquire a packet of nasturtium seeds, it is not very expensive (around 3 €).

AT autumn, I collect earth of my garden and I there mix of leftover potting soil (repotting or flowering plants).

during Winter, I pierce gently the background of my jars with a glass drill, protecting my eyes with my clear plastic fly goggles.

A perfect Salvage Deco for my soulless trellises!

To the end of winter, I take each glass jar, and here is what I repeat ten times :

– in the bottom of each pot, I pour 2 cm of small pebbles.

– I fill each of the jars soil mixed with potting soil up to 2cm from the edge without packing.

– I sows my seeds in small piles (pockets) in a shallow hole (an index nail).

– I cover the seeds of fine sand (the one from the son’s beach bucket will do the trick once rinsed).

– I spray water on the surface taking care to put enough (you can see the water going down through the glass).

What about maintenance in all of this?

With an indoor water sprayer, I mist my seedlings regularly.

I keep them for 1 to 3 weeks in a bright room at 18-20 ° C sheltered from direct sunlight.

I them acclimate 2 to 3 more weeks in a cooler northern room, like around 15 ° C but still bright (there must be a window). I them move away if necessary.

In May, the flowers are no longer likely to peel outside (unless you live in the Far North): I will hook on my wooden screens, with two hooks in C screwed to the wood.

The pots will hold up very well by the wire hook of the lid of the pot glass, but as a precaution, I double the attachment by a wire integral with the wood of the trellises, because the pot will get heavier over the months …

Surprise your friends with a trendy decoration, that is priceless!

Well know that it cost me nothing at all (apart from elbow grease and electricity to pierce the pots) and it won me the admiration of all my friends!

As a bonus, my friends tasted Tata Monique’s famous house dish. It’s true that she still cooks for a regiment, but since it’s too good, I kill two birds with one stone: one deco chic and shock and a meal delicious for amazed friends!

In short, by favoring a container reusable to infinity and recyclable at the end of its life (glass or metal), I allow the planet not to be covered with this dirt from non-recyclable plastic pots that end up burned in landfill.

And here the only pollution engendered, these will be the gas, emitted involuntarily or not, and obviously linked to the slow digestion of Tata Monique’s chili con carne …

But do you say that the real impact on the greenhouse effect will always be much less than the burning of plastic pots which still cover too many pots in garden centers!

And you ? what are you up to beautify a rikiki garden, or a 50 cm² balcony ? Come and share your knowledge here: share it with the CE community by leaving your comment on your own experience!

Savings Realized

At no less than 20 € the hanging canvas pot multiplied by 10 pots + the price of a bag of seeds around 3 € + 3/4 of the price of a 40-liter bag of potting soil (7 € for the cheapest / 4 * 3 or 5 € 25 €), I realized with this trick with the ladle 210 € of savings without counting the water! My wallet said to me: “Thank you!”

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