Recycle your Plastic Bottles to Create Christmas Decorations.

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Are you running out of baubles to hang on your tree?

Would you like to occupy the children too?

I have the perfect solution!

You’ll get the kids to work, recycle, and collect some wonderful Christmas decorations (which, plus, will be tough enough to resist the cat).

plastic stars made with plastic bottles

Impossible you say? This word is not in my vocabulary.

plastic flakes

What you need

To make these beautiful Christmas snowflakes, you will need:

– of plastic bottles, preferably clear or blue (rather than green, like the San Pellegrino), but it’s up to you.

– of scissors

– of thread, ribbon … anything to tie them to the tree afterwards.

– a little bit of White paint (it’s optional, but it’s prettier, you can even create your own with this trick) or POSCA-like markers.

a Christmas tree decoration made of plastic

How to do

1. Cut out the bottom of your bottle, to isolate the bottom as much as possible, since we are going to use the “star” at the very bottom of the bottle.


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2. Cut out this star with your scissors

star made with plastic bottle

3. Make a hole in it so that you can pass the ribbon, string, or anything that will hold it on your tree.


And there you go, your star made with a plastic bottle is ready 🙂

If you like it as is, leave it like this!

Otherwise you can also use white paint to draw snowflakes on your stars, according to your desires. Let your creativity run free.

No more excuses for throwing away your plastic bottles, or for not having pretty Christmas decorations.

Your turn…

Do you know any other recycling or DIY tips? Share them in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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