Quick & Easy How To Make A Stunning Minimalist Wooden Desk.

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Do you or your children need an office?

But don’t you have a lot of room at home?

Then this superb desk with storage is exactly what you need!

A friend of mine made this hanging desk with just 2 wooden planks and a little elbow grease.

She showed me how to get it done at home and I can tell you it’s super easy!

This is a great project to do for the weekend, for create a workspace even when you don’t have a lot of space. Look :

How to make a minimalist wooden desk with DIY storage. Easy and quick to do !

What you need

– 2 wooden boards of 180 cm (preferably oak)

– 3 L-shaped metal brackets of 10 cm

– electric drill with drill bits and screwdriver

– 12 wood screws of 5 or 6 cm

– material detector

– wood oil (optional)

How to do

1. I bought the two oak planks from the hardware store.

2. I requested that the two boards be cut into two large 160cm pieces and two smaller 15cm pieces for the sides.

3. I drilled holes at regular intervals across the width of the top and bottom boards.

4. I also drilled holes on the thickness of the small side boards, respecting the same spacing as for the large boards, to put the screws there as in the image below.

2 large boards of 160 cm and 2 small of 15 cm cut

5. Then I screwed each short side onto the bottom plank.

6. And I fixed the 3 brackets on the wall, taking care to align them properly.

Hang a board on the wall with brackets

7. I screwed the top board onto the brackets with the electric screwdriver.

8. I then screwed the bottom plank and the sides to the top plank.


A great DIY wooden desk with easy-to-do storage

And there you have it, my superb minimalist wooden desk is already ready 🙂

Easy, fast and economical, isn’t it?

It is much cheaper to do it yourself than to buy it!

All you have to do is put oil on the wood to protect it.

This tends to darken the shade of the wood while retaining its matte finish.

Me, I love my office! I can work there quietly and put all my files in it.

Additional advice

– You can change the dimensions of the wooden planks according to the available space you have at home. Either bigger or smaller. As for the small boards, I advise you to keep a height of at least 10 cm high to have room to store things in them.

– Before drilling the holes to fix the brackets to the wall, use a material detector. This device makes sure that there are no electrical cables or pipes going where you want to make the holes.

– Make sure to align the squares correctly by drawing a line with a pencil using a spirit level.

– Use this trick to make the holes for the brackets in the right place in the wall.

– To fix the top board on the brackets, screw from below so as not to make any marks on the desk.

– And make sure that the screws are not too long so as not to bore holes in the work surface of the office.

– You may need a helping hand to hold the two parts together while you screw them together in step 4. It is easier if there are two of you.

Your turn…

Have you tried this easy tutorial on how to make a minimalist Ikea-style desk? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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