Perfume Your Living Room at Christmas with my Natural and Unique Decor.

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Apart from the squeezed orange juice in the morning, I’m not really a fan of oranges.

I prefer chocolate …

On the other hand, I made a great discovery: to use my oranges that I do not eat for the decorations of my Christmas tree, at a very low price!

The rendering is rather surprising and very successful.

You can put oranges at the foot of the tree, but you can especially dry them to decorate the Christmas tree originally.

In addition, it smells super good.

1. Christmas balls sliced

Christmas decoration orange

To achieve them, you will need:

– 2 oranges

– glue (optional)

– ribbons (to hang them on the tree)

– glitter (it’s optional)

How to do

Simply cut your oranges into slices of about 5mm each, and let them dry for a few days (two or three) at room temperature.

Yes yes, it is really the only thing to do! Not too much headache eh? In addition, they go perfume and perfume your entire living room.

Once they are to your liking, make a hole in them to fit the ribbon, and it’s done.

If you want an even more festive touch or have fun with the kids, you can coat them with a little glue, and sprinkle glitter on it, for example.

I can now hang them on the tree and admire my pretty creations. No doubt, this year, my tree is really the most original.

2. Table decorations: carved oranges

carved oranges for christmas table decoration


Take as many oranges as you want, and let your imagination run wild!

You just need a cutter or one knife that cuts well, and it’s up to you.

Don’t necessarily go straight into complicated things: some simple scratches will also be the most beautiful effect!

And to make it even more fragrant, you can also plant cloves. It is according to the taste of each one.

Your turn…

Do you have any other tips for making your own Christmas decorations? Share your ideas in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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