Need Storage Boxes? Here is My DIY Recycling Tip.

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We all have this messy drawer in our kitchen or our office …

We would like to organize it much better, but without having the containers to do so.

Ah because yes, boxes, compartments, organizers … It is expensive! I know it, I myself decided not to … invest.

Here is my DIY recycling tip to create pretty storage boxes in no time.

All you need is a few small tools, some paper and cardboard and you’re good to go! Look :

drawer organizers made of decorated cardboard boxes

Necessary material

To perform this trick you need:

– scissors

– glue

– paper Japanese, gift, newspaper … it will be to cover your box and therefore make it pretty!

– a cardboard box, which you will surely find in your kitchen: box of cakes, pasta, shoes or even handkerchiefs …

– Scotch

How to do

Do you have everything? So let’s go.

1. Take your box, the size that suits you. Me, I took a box of tissues here.

2. Cut off the top, to make it an open box.

3. Optionally, reinforce the edges with tape.

tissue box

You now have your box as it will remain, but it needs to be decorated!

4. For this, choose a paper.

5. Cut it to the measurements of your box by directly tracing the outlines of it.

WARNING : for the first sheet you cut, ALWAYS leave 1cm longer than the box measurements.

tutorial to make a storage box with a cardboard box of tissues

6. Fold this extra centimeter inside your box, for a result cleaner and stronger. To do this, simply cut off the “extra” sides as shown.

chopped off

7. Then glue your paper on the box.

8. Fold the tabs inside.

paper box

9. Cover the missing sides, and the inside if you want, and it’s finished !



And there you have it, you now have some great storage boxes 🙂

Combine it all with this simple tidy trick, and no more excuses for messy drawers!

Do as much as you need to fill your drawer, and then you can have that organized space you’ve always wanted.

It’s so much more rewarding to create it yourself! No need to go broke at IKEA for plastic boxes!

And if you also have too many papers lying around on your desk, here is a tip for creating a beautiful briefcase yourself.

Your turn…

You did it ? Do you know other ways to organize your drawers? Talk about it in your comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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