My Glass Painting Tip for a Nice Table Decoration.

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Are you looking for a tip for a nice and inexpensive table decoration? Glass painting is an economical and original solution to add color to your table. My instructions for personalizing your glasses in 2 minutes flat!

With the arrival of sunny days, we want to add color to our table decoration, to brighten up our lunches and dinners. On this occasion, I like to paint my glasses with bright colors. I renew some of my dishes for next to nothing.

Necessary material

– the number of glasses ordinary that you want to transform (no need to go buy glasses just for that!)

– glass paint (mine is Pébéo Vitrea 160)

– 1 flat brush n ° 12

– 1 finer brush for details if you want to make some

Multicolored glasses

1. Wash and degrease glasses.

2. ATa brush, paint the outside of each glass entirely or only with vertical stripes

3. Place the glass upside down on the table and paint the entire surface of the bottom of the glass and 3 cm on the height.

I also discovered at Amazone a Discovery Kit at an affordable price. Thus, you will have a variety of colors that will allow you to let your imagination run wild. Miscible with each other, the possibilities are multiplied!

4. Let dry and apply a second coat of paint if the color lacks intensity or is uneven.

5. 24 hours later, place the glasses upside down in the oven, and start the cooking program at the temperature indicated by the manufacturer of the paint you have chosen.

6. Let cool before serving you!

You found my cool idea and made it happen … Awesome! But tell me a little, in a comment, what was the result.

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