My 5 Tips to Always Tinker Without Danger!

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I love it when everything is going well at home. However, I was not a Safe DIY pro. And I saw stars of it while tinkering alone. Follow my 5 tips to avoid putting yourself in danger while tinkering.

5 tips for tinkering: DIY: My 5 Tips for Always Tinkering Without Danger!

1. Electricity always you will Close!

How many times have I taken a good chestnut and nearly fell off my ladder calling myself all the names of birds? To avoid this :

– I cut the general counter to avoid using the wrong button (yes if it happens)

– I door gloves in latex or vinyl (such as powder-free medical gloves) because my electrical installation is old: I avoid the free electroshock !

2. An Empty Bucket You Will Always Have!

How many times have I flooded my bathroom wanting unclog my sink ? My tip for unclogging a sink or sink without using no chemicals : debond and also avoid leaving residues. Some precautions are in order:

– I always put an empty bucket under the sink before remove the bung, and I put it back well before rinsing, otherwise hello the flood (and the fall)!

– I put on thick gloves and I always empty the contents of the bung directly into the bucket, without putting your fingers in it.

3. The Broken Glass you will Pick up!

When tinkering, it is not uncommon to break glass. To avoid cutting myself, in addition to the inevitable 7 years of unhappiness after the bathroom mirror fell, I forget my hands and I put on thick gloves !

The brush and the shovel will pick up the larger pieces. I throw them in several layers of newspaper in my non-recyclable trash.

– I take several wet paper towels lightly (without drops)

– Iattach everything with an elastic to the 2 ends of the broom. So, I am sure of recover everything what was left! I also throw in the classic trash and rinse my gloves well.

4. At the Workshop, your Face you will always Protect!

Sawing, sanding, nailing, etc … I can’t count the number of times I’ve been hit with a hammer on my fingers! But when I use tools that generate dust or splinters, I always put Protective glasses and one dust mask.

When I paint inside I ventilate big so as not to suffocate. For a piece of furniture, i stay outside (even more with spray paint types lacquer) and I let dry outside.

5. On the Scale, Safety you will not Forget!

Climbing the ladder is dangerous. Better to make sure it’s okay first fixed or stalled In order to climb. I avoid, like the plague, to tinker with the rainy or windy days.

And if I see a elderly neighbor who needs to fix something, I suggest he help him. Often, I am thanked with a drink or cupcakes.

Tinker at home, I love it. And if that allows me tomaintain good relations neighborhood oravoid dangers, it’s still better… give it a try, you will be surprised how much you live better respecting my 5 tips !

And you, what handyman are you? Don’t be shy: send me your comments quickly!

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