Marie Kondo’s Revolutionary Method In 1 Guide.

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Recognized around the world, Marie Kondo is considered THE storage guru.

His book The magic of storage has changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

But no need to buy your book to take advantage of its storage tips!

We have listed for you all the steps of his method in just one practical guide !

This little guide will help you find well-being through storage, and in less time than you need to fold a shirt.

here is Marie Kondo’s revolutionary storage method in just one guide. Look :

How to tidy up your home once and for all: the Marie Kondo Method!

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How to tidy up and declutter your home once and for all with the Marie Kondo storage method!

The Marie Kondo method in 6 rules

– Rule 1: Commit to putting everything away all at once, completely and as quickly as possible.

– Rule 2: Imagine your ideal lifestyle to avoid a rebound effect after your storage.

– Rule 3: Take each object in your hands and ask yourself: “Does this object give me joy?”. If so, keep the object. Otherwise, direction trash! Or even better, donate items you don’t keep to associations that can give them a second life.

– Rule 4: To successfully tidy up, you must first de-clutter your home. Clear out each category of objects before putting them away. Impossible to tidy up without getting rid of the bulky!

– Rule 5: Instead of tidying up your house room by room, organize all the objects by family. Example: If you store your clothes in multiple places in your house, take them all out and stack them. Indeed, one of the most common mistakes is to want to sort by room when you have to sort by categories.

– Rule 6: To declutter your home, sort all items into categories, following this order: clothes, books, papers, komonos (various and varied objects) and finally the objects which have a sentimental value.

Instead of throwing away, donate books and items you don't keep to an association.

Take the time to thank each item before proceeding with your decluttering.

– Recycle paper and packaging.

– Instead of throwing away, donate books and objects that you do not keep to an association.

Put away

How do you store clothes so that they take up as little space as possible?

– Fold your clothes instead of hanging them on hangers.

– Store your clothes vertically in drawers to save more space.

– Organize your drawers using empty shoe boxes.

– Choose a place for each object you keep, and put it back in its place after each use.

Find out here how to fold all your clothes using the Marie Kondo method.


Bazaar stuff on the left and tidy stuff on the right

There you go, you now know how to use Marie Kondo’s revolutionary method at home 🙂

Easy, fast and efficient, isn’t it?

No more leafing through Marie Kondo’s books to find all her magical storage techniques!

You will even know how to explain the method to your friends!

And they too will understand that this is the best way to eradicate the clutter in their apartment once and for all.

Your turn…

Have you tried the Marie Kondo method for tidying up your house? Tell us in the comments if it was effective. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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