Make cocktail glasses in 30 seconds.

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February 04, 2014

To complete your Valentine’s Day decor, I have an infallible tip that will blow your heart away. Sugar and syrup are enough!

Your Valentine’s Day cocktail is ready, as is your aphrodisiac menu.

You are on your 31st, ready to welcome your other half. But have you thought about decorating the glasses?

It would still be a shame to serve such a good cocktail in your everyday glasses.

To give them a festive air, I offer you a little trick, used in many bars and restaurants.

A little Sugar and Syrup

Syrup and sugar are enough to decorate a glass

Deposit a little bit of sugar at the bottom of a plate, pour a drop of syrup on top and mix to obtain a uniform paste.

Wet the rim of your glasses with a little water or lemon juice if you want to play on the acidity.

Dip the rim of your glasses in the colored sugar and let stand an hour or son so that the sugar hardens well. Your frosted glasses will be the most beautiful effect on your table!

Savings made

This trick is ultra-economical since it only uses basic products that you have at home.

No need to run the stores to make it and it has the advantage of being able to be varied ad infinitum depending on the syrups you have.

Do you know any other decoration tips for a successful Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas in the comments.

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