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For DIY enthusiasts and not just those of Sunday, if you need to buy a new tool to renovate your garage or bathroom yourself, on the service and the cheap prices are worth the detour.

Be careful, if you only use a drill once a year or if you barely know how to drive a nail, I advise you to rent your tools between private individuals on the very good Zilok site.

Having a perfectly filled toolbox to let it get dusty in the cellar is not the point of this tip.

If you decide to use one or more tools on a recurring basis, the interest in buying is better understood.

If it is quite easy to buy them used on Leboncoin or eBay, you can never really know what you find and then lately we have seen a lot of scams on these platforms. So why not buy new?

If the tool is dangerous to use, it is better if it is in good condition, and it is difficult to judge the condition for yourself when shopping online.

Likewise, having a guarantee can be useful.

Finally, if you buy, do not hesitate to make your property profitable by renting it to individuals on Zilok or other rental sites between individuals.

Good customer service

Bricozor is an online DIY specialist, where you can find tools and accessories in hardware stores. For having contacted them, I can say that they have a very easy to reach customer service, which takes the time to answer all our questions, whether it is on the delivery times, the use of the material, like others. more bizarre questions …

A big choice

The main advantage of Bricozor is that their catalog is gigantic. It becomes almost difficult to navigate the site, the catalog is so impressive. The advantage is that you will find tools that are very difficult to find on other sites, and even more so on sites that sell second-hand.

They already have a catalog of plumbing, hardware, electricity and so on which is very complete and whose articles cannot be found on second-hand sites.

As for DIY tools, I’ll let you check out their catalog, but I’m not sure you can find a beaten-neck die on a lot of DIY sites. I admit not knowing what it is but it’s very professional!

Cheap items

If they are not the cheapest on the market, they are one of them. If we have chosen them, it is because their quality / price ratio is good. With affordable prices, a fast delivery time (between 48 and 72 hours) and easy to reach customer service, we were satisfied with our experience. But maybe we were lucky …

What do you think of bricozor? What was your customer experience? Tell us in the comments.

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