How to Store Christmas Decorations.

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January 04, 2014

Instead of buying back decoration every Christmas, the best economical trick is to save it for reuse every year.

Of course, it’s a real pleasure to go and buy new decorations every year, but hey, between that, the gifts and the meal, you quickly end up ruining yourself.

So you might as well start save on the deco.

Where and How to Store them?

Store your Christmas decoration

This tip comes straight from my mom. In his reserve, there are lots of decorations, some of which have almost 40 years old ! Garlands, balls, figurines … She keeps everything in airtight boxes.

She is careful to protect its decorations humidity, dust and dirt … This is why she NEVER puts them in her attic or in the garage, but in a heated room: the guest bedroom or the cupboard under the stairs.

In short, for 10 years, my mom never spent a dime in the Christmas decoration. She prefers to think about savings by recycling her decorations every year!

Do you know any tips for good keep the Christmas decoration? Any advice for us? It happens in the comments!

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