How To Shape A Unique Cutting Board Yourself?

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A chic and rustic solid wood cutting board, what do you think?

Amazed as much as scared by the high cost (30 €) of the beautiful and fat cutting board in solid wood on sale near me, I decided to try some make one myself.

This is how I did it.

Small, basic and economical tips for crafting a unique cutting board yourself … not plastic!

Do-it-yourself wooden chopping board


First of all the raw material: wood. A nice board or a fall of wood is necessary.

To be obtained from a cabinetmaker, a carpenter who will saw it for you to the desired dimensions (40x15x2 cm in my case) or more simply (but less free) at Leroy Merlin or other.

Use cedar for example, or any other soft wood, rather easy to cut and sand; the choice is made according to the color and nature desired.


a sander (ideally a belt sander), with pumice paperr of grain 80, then 120 for finishes (approximate). Like always, borrow it all to a caring neighbor or rentone on Zilok.

– linseed oil to treat the wood and make it waterproof.

how to make a cutting board yourself

How to do

1. Sand, sand, and re-sand. It can be laborious, but it’s what turns an all-insignificant plank of wood into a sumptuous cutting board like this one.

2. With the 80 grit paper, round the sides and corners as much as possible. Then finish with a finer grain.

3. Treat then the wood with linseed oil.


And there you have it, you have obtained a magnificent cutting board that can also be used as a tray to serve cheese and cold meats 🙂

Your turn…

If you, too, are planning to get into manufacturing, let me know in a comment.

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