How to save water by the meter

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How to save water

Saving water is an integral part of a set of measures aimed at reducing the cost of utility bills.

Despite the fact that in the general structure of monthly utility bills, water charges are far from the first place, in terms of a year, the amounts are still significant, which means they need to be reduced.

With the proper approach, the amount you pay monthly for used water can be reduced by two, or even three times.

Ways to reduce water consumption


Before (or after) installing the meter, the state of all devices and lines must be given special attention. As a rule, our hands “do not reach”, then simply laziness, but in any home there are places where there is at least some leak, albeit insignificant. Considering that now not only the liquid goes into the sewer (into the ground), but also our money, then it’s not a sin to spend a little.

First of all, you should keep the plumbing in good working order. What kind of savings can we talk about when water often flows just like that ?!

Repair or replace any leaking taps. Also, try to close the tap tightly.
Dripping from the tap is a loss of up to 24 liters per day (720 liters per month), flowing from the tap – up to 144 liters per day, (i.e. up to 4000 liters of water per month)!

For reference, the losses per unit of plumbing per year are approximately the following:

  • faulty flush tank – about 65,000 liters;
  • leaking tap – about 75,000 liters.

To this can be added the joints of pipes laid on the site. The total amount, taking into account the tariff, turns out to be impressive. Only for 1 tap (at 20 rubles / m3) – about one and a half thousand. But there are several of them in the apartment, and many of the bad owner leaks.


As already mentioned, the lever-type model is preferable. We spend a lot of time trying to find the right hot water temperature, and we constantly turn both taps on, wasting it. These mixers can reduce the flow rate by about 8 l / min.

How to save water

How to save water

To reduce water consumption, it is advisable to install a lever mixer instead of conventional valves operating on the unscrew / tighten principle. Such a crane shuts off the line instantly. If we consider that we use mixers every day, many times, then the calculation of the savings will result in a considerable amount only on this. Using such devices can save up to 60% of water.

Install boiler

In each region, tariffs for en / resources are set by local authorities. In some cases, a storage water heater will also save water. It makes no sense to use hot water for small household needs, if hot water can also be taken from the boiler tank. It is necessary to compare the costs of heating it (the cost of the filled liquid + energy consumption) and for using the main one. At the same time, it is advisable to install an electric / energy meter with separate counting at day and night rates, and heat the water after 22.00 or early in the morning.


It’s not just that the old one is constantly “leaking”. There are devices with two modes of operation – full drain and economical. For example, install a toilet with a cistern that works in two modes – standard and economical, which will save about 15 liters of water per day for a family of three. Thus, in a year you will save 5500 liters of water.

How to save water

How to save water

Sometimes the leak in the toilet is not noticeable. To make sure that the tank shut-off valve is working properly, it is enough to add a dye (a little) to the water. If after a while some shade appears at the bottom of the bowl, then there is a leak.

Shower instead of bath

The benefits are obvious, especially for those who like to take water treatments several times a day, even in the morning before work. First, it saves a lot of time. Secondly, water consumption will be significantly reduced. “Through” a shower it will take about 80 liters for a 5-minute procedure. These are 8 buckets of 10 liters, which are clearly not enough to fill a bath of standard dimensions even half. Such foresight will save about 1,700 rubles per year.

How to save water

How to save water

If you install a shower head with smaller holes, you can reduce the consumption by 1/31/2… There are products on sale with aerators that mix water with air. It is good for massage, and water saving – 2.5 – 3 times, and without reducing the effectiveness of the procedure.

What else to pay attention to

  • It is necessary to properly organize the washing of dishes. Usually, the tap in the sink is constantly open regardless of what we are currently doing (approximate consumption is up to 5 l / min). To this can be added the inexpediency of too intensive use of detergents, since more water will be needed to rinse the dishes.
  • When washing dishes, do not keep the tap constantly open. The use of running water is doubly wasteful, since not only does the water consumption increase, but also the detergent consumption. If you turn off the tap between rinsing the plates, the water consumption will decrease tenfold.
  • For washing dishes, it is better, of course, to use a dishwasher, which consumes an order of magnitude less water compared to manual washing. This saves water, time and money (detergents). The dishwasher will save you up to 2/3 of the water you used to wash dishes.
  • Washing clothes by hand is more expensive than using a washing machine.
  • From the point of view of economic consumption, one “large” wash using a washing machine is better than several “small” ones.
  • Every person who is used to looking after himself brushes his teeth, and not only in the morning. The question is – how much water is wasted while we “work” with a brush, rinse our mouth? Conclusion – the tap should be opened only when necessary. If you calculate the savings for the year, then it will not be funny.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. To rinse your mouth, take a glass of water. Thus, you will save up to 45 liters of water – this is exactly how much will go down the drain through an open tap in 3 minutes.
  • If your toilet cistern is not equipped with two flushing modes, then a simple tool will help to avoid water loss. Fill a 2 liter plastic bottle with water and place in the tank. This simple “device” will save up to 20 liters of clean water per day.
  • Install spray nozzles on taps. It will also help reduce your water intake.
  • Housewives often have to wash fruits or vegetables. It is much more economical to do this in a container, and not under running water.
  • Do not wash vegetables and fruits under running water. Use a bowl to wash food. This method effectively removes sand and dirt from the fruit. You only need 3 liters of water to fill one large saucepan or bowl, while during the flow-through washing of fruits, 15 liters of water flows out of the tap every minute.
  • The same goes for defrosting poultry, fish or meat. In any home there are basins, pots, which will not require a lot of water to fill.
  • Do not defrost food under running water. In addition to its inappropriate consumption, this is fraught with deterioration in the properties of products. It is best to transfer food from the freezer to the refrigerator in advance.
How to save water

How to save water

The article lists the most effective savings options that will allow you to save significant money without using measures to severely limit your daily needs, but only by reducing unnecessary water costs.

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