How to remove scratches from a parquet? Top solutions!

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Superficial or deep scratches on a parquet say a lot about the maintenance of a parquet. Indeed, this may reflect the use of unsuitable maintenance products which ended up weakening the floor covering and reducing its durability. It can also happen when you forget to put skates under furniture, chairs and tables, or wear your poorly wiped shoes indoors. And of course, there are also traces that are made by mistake, in the event of an accident or false movement. The parquet then loses part of its splendor. So, how do you remove shallow scratches on the wood of a parquet floor and renovate it without any effort? Here are some very effective tips to reduce them, or even make them disappear completely.

In the event of deep or very numerous scratches, it would be better to rely on the expertise of a professional to carry out the renovation! Also, whether you opt for wax, shoe polish, varnish, etc., always take the shade closest to the floor, or even slightly lighter if you can’t find it.

Erase scratches on a laminate floor

Cigarette ash

Cigarette ash is very effective to erase scratches on a glass surface (window, etc.), but also on a car body. It doesn’t stop there, as it can also be applied with damp felt to a scuffed area to erase the scuff.

A special polish for laminate flooring or a metal polish

It is quite possible to apply here a special polish “renovation of vitrified parquet floors”. Use here a fine brush for a more precise application on the damaged area. For the product to polish metals in aerosol or in liquid form, we will instead opt for an application by circular movements with a clean soft cloth.
Good to know: Some people manage to correct the color of a scratch using the car body touch-up pen. Just take a light color and add some tincture of iodine to give it a wood color if necessary.

Varnish for wood

Use a fine brush to apply varnish locally on the scratch without spilling out. Then let it dry well following the instructions given on the product. To finish, just polish the area with a microfiber cloth. The scratch will be much less visible than before!

striped wooden parquet
Credit: Pixnio

Remove scratches from waxed parquet

Walnut stain

Walnut stain is a perfect kind of tincture for fade scratches and other traces of repair on your parquet! Just apply a light touch with a cotton swab and then polish after completely drying.

Wood paste or wax

You can completely fill in the scratches with wood filler or carpenter’s filler wax. It is then necessary to apply, not to let dry in order to be able to rub with sandpaper and finish with a layer of wax. It is also possible to use wax against scratches on the parquet. We start by sanding, vacuuming the dust generated and moving on to the application of the softened wax on the radiator, in a bain-marie or in the microwave to fill in soil defects. Remember to scrape off the excess or sand it and carefully buff the area with a soft cloth in circular motions.

With pencil, quite simply

You can use wax pencil or makeup pencil for an express camouflage of an inconspicuous mark. For a more lasting resultHowever, it is better to use a touch-up pencil or felt-tip pen or the use of a wax coating.

Good to know: As with laminate, you can also use auto polish on the scratches. The use and the explanations (see above) are the same even if the floor is different!

striped wooden parquet slats
Credit: PxHere

Remove scratches on vitrified parquet

The mixture of olive oil and turpentine oil

Obviously, this little mixture has not claim to eliminate a deep scratch ! It is however of size to effectively blur a superficial trace. All you have to do is mix and apply with a cotton swab.

With solvent then 90 ° alcohol

To fight against slight scratches on your wood coverings, rub the damaged area with a cloth dampened in remover gently. Then do the same, this time with a cotton swab dipped in 90 ° alcohol. Then let dry for a few hours and polish the wood with a soft lint-free cloth (silk cloth type). No superficial scratch can resist it!

Wood pulp

It is necessary here to deposit a layer of wood filler on each scratch to fill it and let dry before sanding gently with a sheet of fine-grained sandpaper to remove excess wax and smooth the area. Be gentle so as not to damage the floor. Finally, apply a sealer to the treated area and let dry.

Good to know: You can buy wood filler in a DIY store or you can make it at home with glue and sawdust.

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