How To Make an Adorable Small Hanging Tree in 5 Min

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Want to decorate your home for Christmas?

But no need to spend your money on decoration made in China!

So, why not make a beautiful Christmas decoration yourself?

Here is a small red and white hanging tree that is easy to make yourself.

It’s a cheap DIY Christmas decoration, almost free if you recycle it.

here is the tutorial on how to make this really adorable little tree:

A small red and white Christmas tree made with DIY ribbons and beads

What you need

Scissors, red and white ribbons and beads to make a small hanging tree

– ribbon, bias or lace of at least 60 cm

– ten pearls

– strong wire

– needle

– scissors

– rule

How to do

explanation for making a DIY Christmas decoration with a ribbon, beads and a needle

1. Thread a bead on the wire.

2. Pass both ends of the thread through the eye of the needle. If you are having trouble doing it, try this trick.

3. Take your ribbon and fold it over to a length of 7 cm.

5. With the needle and the thread, stitch in the middle of the 7 cm to place the first bead.

6. Make a new fold a little smaller with the ribbon (so less than 7 cm).

7. Stitch again in the middle of the fold with the needle.

8. Thread a new bead.

9. Make an even shorter fold.

10. Stitch again in the middle of the fold.

11. Thread a new bead.

12. Repeat several times, making smaller and smaller folds. Don’t forget to thread a bead between each fold.

13. To finish the tree, make a very small fold.

14. Add a last bead.

15. Tie a big knot to hold everything together.

16. Make a last knot 10 cm from the last bead to make a loop. This will allow you to hang your DIY decoration on the tree.


3 small trees in red, white and gray ribbon with pearls

There you go, your little DIY Christmas tree is already ready 🙂

Easy, fast and efficient, isn’t it?

All you have to do is hang your handmade decoration from the ceiling, the tree, a window or the fridge!

This is a great home decor idea to make for an adult, but kids can do it too.

In addition, it is really economical, especially if you use recycled materials, like pieces of ribbon.

You don’t even have to go looking for destocking at wholesalers to have an inexpensive Christmas decoration!

Note that it also works with fairly thick strips of paper.

See what it looks like once hung:

Small trees hanging from the ceiling as a Christmas decoration

Your turn…

Have you tried this do-it-yourself Christmas decoration for the tree? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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